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Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping and Mopping Robotic Vacuum.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping and Mopping Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Dust and Pet Hair, 1800Pa Strong Suction and App Control, Route Planning on Hard Floor, Carpet and All Floor Types.
One hell of a robotic vacuum cleaner tool! Takes away the heavy-duty hassles of a conventional vacuum.

Fed up with getting your arm ripped out of its socket by your vacuum? Bad back from Hoovering? Well your answer is in these new technological tools, that have started to hit the market bigtime. This is a robotic vacuum cleaner!

The Roborock E25 overview

The Roborock E25 is one of those robotic tools with plenty of smart features, also excellent cleaning abilities and an amazing artificial intelligence. It is a very capable and an affordable best robotic vacuum. You will find this one full of surprises!

The pros
  • Easy to use.
  • Large capacity dust bin.
  • Washable filters.
  • Real time smart mapping.
  • Capable of mopping.
  • Intelligent cleaning features.
The cons
  • Less advanced mapping than the S5 version.
  • The occasional problem with the robot mounting objects in its path.

This is the Roborock E25. It promises similar cleaning to the Roborock S5, but is, at a much more affordable price. At first glance the robot appears to be very capable as well. It is packed with features like gyroscopes, sensors and of course the cleaning technology. These all combine to make the Roborock E25 a very efficient and effective tool.

But just how good is it?

Many of the E25 design features are similar to the S5 robot vacuum. These features include charging dock, side brush, main cleansing brush, bump rail and multiple sensors.

The E25 is cheaper and that causes compromises in various areas of its capabilities. The battery, for example, has less power, whilst its suction is a slight bit lower than its S5 member. It makes up for this by being quieter and also has a larger dust bin.

The feature such as the dual action brush system, which has both rubber and brush bristles that makes this a good option to purchase today! These dual action cleaning allows this robotic tool, to effectively clean between, hard floors and rugs and carpets, when moving from room to room. The rubber fins make light work of dust and dirt on hard, tiled and lino flooring, whilst the bristles help pick up debris from carpets.

This basically, is a smartphone App controlled with intelligence mapping. It has an all-floor cleaning and mopping action that seems to clean whatever you throw at it.

If you decide you do not want to use its accompanying smartphone App, for iPhone devices and Android, then the E25 has 3 easy to use buttons that control the best robotic vacuum. The tool can be sent off on a standard clean, pausing it in mid-action, spot cleaning, and returning to the charging station.

Design and features
  • 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, that is capable of 1 1/2 hours of cleaning
  • Dual action, tangle free, main brush system
  • 640ml dust bin with washable filters
  • Included cleaning and maintenance tool
The set up and cleaning cycles.
  • Android/iPhone App
  • Remote control function
  • Scheduled zone cleaning and mopping system

To set up the Roborock E25 is as easy as eating pie. Once the robotic vacuum cleaner has fully charged, you need to download the Mi Home App. The App then scans for other nearby systems. It allows you to pair as many devices as you want too, in your home wi-fi network.

Within the Roborock E25 App, you have access to a variety of its settings, to get the E25 set up, just the way you would like. You can set it to a cleaning schedule/s, view cleaning logs, update the firmware, adjust suction levels and more.

The robot tool can be set to clean on a daily basis on weekends, weekdays or even entire weeks. It can be custom set to clean whenever you want. You can set the tool to come out cleaning several times a day and that is with different suction levels as well. In general use, you can set the robotic tool off on a cleaning pass via controls within the App.  You can also pause or send it back to its dock, if you have programmed it at un unexpected time.

Intelligent mapping
  • In-App mapping system
  • Real-time monitoring of its cleaning progress
  • High precision laser detection scanning
  • Dual action gyroscope navigation system with laser and LED motion sensors
  • 13 sensors that monitor for collision detection, cliff sensing, motion tracking, monitoring deceleration and more.

The Roborock E25 is yet another robot vacuum cleaner, from this manufacturer, that is more than capable of handling your cleaning. It is bristling with sensors, allowing it to be more than capable of getting around your house and then back to its charging dock without any fuss or bother.

It is also packed with cleaning features that you will love. Like the S5 robot, it is the little things that make all the difference.  The large dust bin, the dual action brush and the mopping system, the maintenance accessory, are all the excellent reasons for highlighting this robot vacuum as the best robotic vacuum cleaner.

Get it today! It is a price that is affordable for most budgets.

What makes this a superb, star buy, is the E25’s price tag. This robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the more affordable mid-range robotic tools. It is a feature packed bot we have extensively researched. We would be hard pressed not to be recommending this top of its class in technology.

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