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A Sofa Cleaning Guide for Pet Owners.

A lot of people love to keep pets, most especially cats and dogs. These pets shed hair like crazy. Take dogs for instance, we all agree that a dog is man’s best friend, however, most of the time, your dog is not your furniture’s best friend. They love to pee on your furniture, shed hair on it or even sometimes just chew it up.

Based on the above reasons, pet lovers would sometimes be tempted to keep the pets out of the living room but the four-legged fellows would always find their way in.

There are a lot of ways in which pet owners and their pets can live together in a spic and span environment and enjoy a clean sofa.

One of the most important things to do when selecting a sofa as a pet owner is to choose the right kind of fabric for your sofa.

Choosing the perfect fabric would ensure that your pet can play around the sofa without fear fur stains, claw marks and pee stains.

Two of the best sofa fabrics for pet owners include: Microfiber which is made of hundred percent polyester and can therefore have stains wiped off it with no permanent damage. It is also resistant to cat claws. And poly-nylon. Just as it’s name sounds, its a mix of polyester and nylon, it does not absorb pet hair and stains can easily be wiped off.

Even though these are the best options of sofa fabric for pet owners, we understand that people sometimes purchase their sofa sets years before they adopt a pet. So the following steps are provided as a general sofa cleaning guide for pet owners for all kinds of sofas.

Remove Pet Hair

Believe it or not, its quite simple to take off pet hair from your sofa. You could use an every day lint roller and run it through the couch. Another trick would be to use a hair magnet or a wet rag. You can also vacuum the sofa but not with a bare floor vacuum. Search for the best vacuum for apartment cleaning.

Remove stains and neutralize bad odours.

When you furry friend spends too much time on the sofa, they begin to develop particular odours. You can use baking soda to easily remove stains and odours from the sofa. First you apply the baking soda, leave it for about 6-8 hours and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the sofa. There are also sprays available in stores formulated to eliminate smell which you could also use to clean the sofa.

Do not use bleach on tough stains or you would stand the risk of damaging the fabric on the sofa. If a stain looks too tough to be removed by a simple scrub and some rubbing alcohol, hire a professional to clean it.

Air it out to dry

Good old fresh air makes everything smell better. So if a pet leaves a wet spot on your cushions, do some immediate spot cleaning and soak up all the liquid and then take it out to dry. While the cushions are out, vacuum the room using the best vacuum for apartment cleaning.


Every pet owner can follow the steps discussed above, to keep their sofas in great condition all year around. Once in a blue moon though, you could also hire professionals to do some steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

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