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Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit, Include All Purpose Floor Cleaning Products.

Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, Includes: 1 Mop, 5 Pads, 1 Solution, Batteries
  • Starter Kit includes WetJet Wood Device, WetJet Wood Cleaning Cloths, and WetJet Wood Quickdry Solution
  • Hexyloxyethanol is a solvent that provides unique cleaning power for removal of both water-soluble and greasy

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Unlike traditional mops, the Swiffer WetJet smooth surface cleaning tool is designed to break down tough to clean messes in a fraction of the time and effort. Simply spray and glide the cleaning pads over the dirty floor for a quick and guaranteed clean. The unique WetJet cleaning pads are made to collect and lock in any dirt, dust or grime as it runs over your dirty surfaces. By cleaning semi-often with this innovative and advanced mop, you can keep your home from ever looking filthy again!

Top Innovative Features of This Product

With its microfiber-like pads, this Swiffer mop uses to absorb and lock design to capture all the grime and filth that litters your floor and lock it into the pads. After a thorough cleaning, you will be able to physically see all of the dirt you were able to absorb with these deep cleaning sanitizing pads before you toss it. Included in this cleaning starter kit is a bottle of cleaning solution. This bottle attaches to the WetJet to offer a fine mist spray over the area you are about to mop. By applying this cleaning solution, you really are getting the best clean you possibly can. This mop is also extremely maneuverable with the flexible head where the mop connects to the handle. This flexible head allows you to control your cleaning process with absolute ease and even get into those hard to reach places you weren’t able to reach before purchasing the Swiffer WetJet.

The Good and Not So Good According to Customers

Regular mops are notorious for just spreading dirt and grime throughout a home and not actually picking anything up. Thousands of customers agree that this innovative piece of cleaning technology truly does clean floors like it is intended to. The cleaning pads lock in the filth they are guided over and do not spread it across the freshly cleaned surface. No one can fully express the satisfaction that is felt as they turn over the mop and remove the recently used pad and see all the dirt and grime that was removed from their floors. The Swiffer WetJet’s cleaning pad design provides proof to users that their surfaces are actually getting cleaned unlike the results seen when using a traditional mop.

The cleaning pads that come with this starter kit are not reusable. They are to be thrown away after one use, and this is slightly less convenient on users. While the cleaning process is much much easier and faster, consistent cleaning schedules can have a customer running low on cleaning pads extremely fast. But, no worries! There are reusable cleaning pads available for purchase if so desired by the user that can be tossed into the laundry and be ready to use again! Traditional mops and cleaning solutions often leave unwanted streaks, but this cleaning product is the best hardwood floor mop to be used for avoiding such things and keeping your hardwoods looking gorgeous. Sticky and eye-straining streaks left over from poor quality cleaning materials is something that nobody enjoys having to deal with and tend to which is why most users prefer the WetJet. The smooth cleaning pads and specially made cleaning solution prevents flawed streaks from appearing on the cleaned floors.

A fan favorite feature of this product is the small light fixture that is included on the front of the mop. The light allows a user to visibly track the dust mites and dirt particles that are cluttering their floor before mopping them up. This ensures the operator that they will be gathering all the grime without missing a single spot. By being able to see where the filth physically is rather than going around the surface and hoping they had hit every spot, the users will find it much easier to get a quick and full surface clean. The small lights also let the users see just how much spray is being released and how far the spray is coating the floor surface so one can reduce waste. Many users strongly enjoy how maneuverable this cleaning product has proved to be. The sleek and specifically engineered mop is able to work around tough to clean areas such as floors around furniture and corners. This product allows for a complete and full clean in every square inch of flooring that needs to be cleaned. Along with the easy gliding feature of the mop, the convenient maneuverability and lightweight material makes this home floor scrubber the top choice among thousands of users.

This starter kit product is incredibly easy to assemble according to users. The packaging comes with easily decipherable instructions that allow one to quickly put together the cleaning mop and have it ready for the first use in no time. The included cleaning solution bottle also has instructions written on the bottle itself to ensure easy and correct installation for a better and flawless clean. The bottle of cleaner is installed to the WetJet mop itself towards the top of the device. Some users have reported this feature to make the mop more top heavy and somewhat unbalanced, but do not find this to be too much of a hindering factor to deter from a good, deep clean. The extra weight may make the mop a small amount harder to control and move about a room, but the cleaning solution bottles weigh a reasonable amount to ensure that this does not reach a point of which the mop becomes difficult to glide about a room.

Why You Should Purchase This Product?

The majority of users who bought this home floor scrubber rated it four to five stars as it proved to be incredibly efficient and effective at cleaning hardwood floors within the home. The Swiffer WetJet is the best hardwood floor mop for those looking for an easier cleaning process that will still preserve and protect their solid surface floors and not cause any damages with harsh materials. You can use it as your laminate floor cleaner, it rocks on laminate floor too. The unique cleaning solution spray technique has proven to be one of the most valued aspects of this entire product set as it lets users clean the areas they need cleaned without having to break out a full mop and bucket. Traditional ways of cleaning hardwood floors can know be a thing of the past with the great WetJet cleaning tool and the cleaning pads that come with this set. The cleaning pads lock in dirt and grime to really give users the deep clean they are looking for. This product is lightweight and designed for easy maneuvering around furniture and any other obstacles that would cause hassle for traditional mops. The Swiffer WetJet is the perfect choice for any home and will provide the most pristine clean every time.