Best Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaner of 2020!

Best Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaner

So, you are seeking out the best vinyl plank floor cleaner and want to learn about your options. Great news, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here, we detail the best available products; their nuances and specifics, so that you can find the ideal tools to make your vinyl planks shine like new. Together, we … Read more

What is the best way to clean vinyl flooring?

best way to clean vinyl floor

If you’ve recently bought vinyl flooring, or moved into a property that already has it, the sentiment is the same. You want to preserve the look that made your vinyl flooring so attractive in the first place. Cleaning your floor can be a simple task, and if done often, it is even easier. Regular cleaning … Read more

Taking care of your Shaw brand vinyl plank floor.

How to take care of your Shaw brand vinyl plank floor

With the costs of living rising, people are spending more time socializing or relaxing in their homes. With people spending more time indoors, they are taking more care in the appearance of their homes. Vinyl flooring has benefitted from this trend and is becoming increasingly more popular with home builders and buyers. But, over time … Read more

Mop your Vinyl Plank Flooring – The Best Advice

How to Mop Vinyl Plank Floor The Best Advice

Vinyl plank flooring has become a very popular choice of flooring throughout many households. A cheaper option than Hardwood flooring, it is also easier to maintain, clean and doesn’t warp over the years. Quicker and easier to install, it can look just as nice as wooden floorboards. To keep it looking as good as new … Read more