5 Floor Cleaning Tips That Essential For Everyone To Know When They Have To Clean Their Floors

Floor Cleaning Tips

Every floor is different, some are wood, some are tiled, some are carpeted and each with their own distinctive cleaning requisites. Thus, these 5 cleaning tips will help you find the best tip for cleaning your specific floor type and enable you to have hassle-free cleaning, whether it is with the best floor scrubbing machine … Read more

Getting to grips with how to clean and seal those stone floor tiles!

How to Clean and Seal Slate Floors

Anyone who owns an old-ish house and has started to restore it will come across various challenges. From taking care of dirty tiles, to replacing well worn carpets and restoring old woodwork – your work is cut out for you. In all this  DIY-ing and restoration you found that after lifting the old dead-cat carpet … Read more