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Taking care of your Shaw brand vinyl plank floor.

With the costs of living rising, people are spending more time socializing or relaxing in their homes. With people spending more time indoors, they are taking more care in the appearance of their homes. Vinyl flooring has benefitted from this trend and is becoming increasingly more popular with home builders and buyers. But, over time the appearance can fade away, meaning you need to look after your floor should you want that new look to last. This won’t add too much of a burden to your life but will benefit you in many ways.

Before we go on to the best ways to look after your vinyl flooring, there are five important words that you need to know. ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ This mantra can help you with many things in life but it’s especially relevant when talking about vinyl flooring. It can save you money and enable you to enjoy your home without having to fix problems that need not occur. With these preventative measures, you won’t find yourself trying to find the remedies for unnecessary complications.

  1. Buy a Doormat – Something as simple as this will prevent little stones or sharp pieces of dirt from entering the house. Once inside, they can act as a nuisance at first, but they can also act as a weapon of destruction. Cutting, scratching and scuffing your vinyl will ruin the appearance of your flooring. Just make sure the rest of the family remember to wipe their feet on their way in!
  2. Sweeping or Vacuuming – Doing this daily may seem like a bit of a chore, but it is worthwhile. The more regularly you sweep or vacuum, the quicker the task will be and the less damage there will be to your floor. It’s surprising what a small amount of debris can do to the finish of your flooring. Minute scuffs and scratches over time will collect dirt making it hard to clean and dulling the look of your floor. It is also important when vacuuming, that you use a vacuum head that won’t damage the floor.
  3. Protective Mats – On top of your doormat, rubber backed protective mats can be useful in caring for your flooring. They come in handy in places that are prone to heavy usage. An example of this is in areas of the kitchen where you are standing often, like the sink. This will prevent discoloration and heavy wearing in areas that are often occupied.
  4. Felting the Furniture – We know sharp things, like edges, can cause damage and household furniture can be a cause of this. Simply by putting felt, or similar soft materials, on the bases of furniture and chair legs can prevent this from being an issue. As furniture moves around, it will now slide rather than scraping the floor, once again protecting your floor from unwanted scratches.

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With these preventative measures in place, the maintenance of your vinyl plank flooring becomes a less common task. But even so, there are still other measures that can help take care of your beautiful new Shaw vinyl floor. Choosing the best vinyl plank floor cleaner is very important. This makes sure you don’t do any damage to your floor in the cleaning process. Shaw Floors have their own cleaning products that have been designed for their floors. The development and testing have all been performed on Shaw brand vinyl plank flooring so you can be sure they will work.

So you know you are getting the best vinyl plank floor cleaner for the product you are trying to clean. But what vinyl floor cleaner machine should you use to accompany the best vinyl plank floor cleaner product you already have? That will depend on which type of Vinyl flooring you have and how much you want to spend. Choosing the best vinyl floor cleaner machine is something that can take a bit of research. Taking the time to choose the right machine will reap the benefits in the long run.

Sometimes a machine might be a bit much for your small home. Even fancy cleaner products are stretching it a bit far too. Sometimes just a little bit of care and attention is all you need. If something were to get spilled onto your floor, the best practice can be to wipe it up straight away. If left to dry, substances can become more resistant and trickier to remove. A damp cloth, with plain old water, is sufficient in most case to wipe up most spillages. Should you miss one and it does become dry, don’t panic, it is not a problem. A little bit of elbow grease and patience should do the trick, and if not, there are substances designed for that.

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Don’t Damage the Floor

Rumors have it that vinegar is a good method for removing stains. With Shaw brand vinyl plank flooring, this is not a good idea. Due to the acidity of the vinegar, damage can be caused to your flooring over the years. The same can be said for steam cleaners, which although they can be effective cleaners, they can also do more harm than good. The steam can get into the flooring and cause bubbles due to the heat of the steam. On top of that, the steam can affect the adhesive which holds your flooring together.

The floors are resilient and durable and mainly through poor care do they become damaged. Should you look after your flooring correctly, you will be able to appreciate its beauty for many years to come. Choosing your best vinyl plank floor cleaner will help with the proper care for your floor. For larger floors or commercial properties, a vinyl floor cleaner machine will maintain the look you fell in love with when you purchased your vinyl flooring. With the correct care and attention, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your vinyl plank flooring. You are free to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty it brings to your home.