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Get Your Home Looking Hip Hop With The Robot Vacuum and Mop.

The robot vacuum and mop is a type of machinery that sucks up dirt and dust whilst washing the floor at the same time. It utilizes an air pump that makes a vacuum to clean flooring or other surfaces. The items that are collected in the vac are then stored in a dustbin or cyclone and disposed of later on. There are many styles of vacuum available today from hand held to robot types.

Over the years, inventors have tried to make vacuums lower in noise frequency, more efficient and healthier.

Why Choose A Robot Vacuum And Mop?

  • Leave your home completely dust free
  • Saves you doing the hard work
  • Navigate round obstacles and move furniture
  • Sensor Technology
  • Remote Controlled
  • Improves hygiene and leaves your home looking super clean

Now let’s look at some of the best robot vacuum and mop systems and the features they have:

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 Loves To Clean

This vacuum is perfect for hardwood flooring working its way round difficult to reach areas, combating debris and marks on hard flooring. The cliff detect helps it stop falling from the stairs and other drop offs. The mop is an excellent feature and because the bot is small enough it can reach places like under and around toilets, corners and underneath cabinets.

The tile floor cleaning machines automatically chooses the right cleaning method depending on the type of pad. It makes an unseen barrier to keep the Braava Jet in rooms that do not have doors. Its careful jet spray removes dirt and stains without marking furniture or walls. The vibrating head removes dirt and stains gently.

The box is very lightweight and small, but the robot is well packaged without using vast amounts of packaging. The battery is lithium ion and charges up in less than two hours. It fits easily into its charging cradle and then plugs into the wall. When the bot is charging, the indicator light flashes orange and then turns to green when it is fully charged. The battery life is not very long and would be good if it was a little bit longer.

When using the bot in mopping mode, the reservoir tank is simple to fill. Under the cap to the water tank is a thin mesh filter. Here, it is possible to add cleaning fluid. When it is in mop mode there is less water used than you would normally use to mop the floor. However, this is good because it means that it dries much faster. The water tank holds less than 1 liter of water whereas you would usually use about a 3 liter bucket to do it manually.

The vacuum has 3 kinds of pad in the box. The mop pad has spikey fibers that work well for cleaning the floor. It virtually makes any noise apart from the occasional bump when it collides with an obstacle, but that doesn’t happen often. It is a little noisier in mop mode. When the mop pad removes debris by vibrating it does make a little noise.

EYUGLE Robot Vacuum The Hip Hop Self-Charging Cleaner and Mop

This amazing robot has 4 cleaning modes to choose from; power, automatic, edge and random mode. It automatically finds its way around the home methodically so that it reaches every area of the house without missing anything.

The suction is a powerful 900Pa mechanism with sweeper brushes and is able to clean dry or wet. The large dust box is a massive 330ml so that it can store more garbage, making it easier to clean bigger areas. It has HEPA installed protecting home owners from hair allergies.

When the vacuum is running on low power it will automatically send itself back to the dock to recharge. It lasts for around an hour and covers 100-200 square meters before it needs to recharge.

The front sensors detect and scan the floor, preventing any falls down the stairs as well as any obstacles it might bump into. Once it detects these dangers the kk320a1n will reroute to areas where it will clean without obstacles there. It occasionally gets stuck on cords, but a little nudge in the right direction and it is soon back on track. It is far easier than using an ordinary vacuum and less stress on the back.

The holding tank for the dirt is simple to empty. Although this bot may be less technologically advanced than some of the more expensive models it remains economical and affordable. It is very strong and can move furniture out of the way whilst cleaning and it picks up a lot of dirt.

ECOVACS DEEBOT Get Rid Of Dirt And Grime Any time

This robot vacuum and mop is compatible with Alexa so works through voice activation. Users will need an Ecovacs account and to ensure Deebot is connected and online before they can use voice activation. Next, click the ‘Enable’ button at the top of the screen and sign in to your Countries Ecovacs account.Once the connection has been made you can use your voice to control the bot. Functionality is exceptional. Operation is perfect with great power. It picks up every single particle every time and is very effective. Occasionally, the tile floor cleaning machines will fall from the stairs as the sensors don’t always pick up small spaces. Sometimes it does not navigate home to charge, but it funny watching it try. The main brush is good, but does not last very long. Amazon have a month return policy, but if it fails in this time, then you are helped by Evovacs maintenance service.

This best floor & grout cleaning machine require a bit of maintenance especially the filters and brushes that need frequent replacement. After continuous use the filters and brushes will run out. There is no calculated path with this bot it relies on random movements. It takes longer than most other bots and may lead to the occasional miss.

It is not expensive to replace the filters and brushes from third party sellers. The bot sucks dog hairs up effectively and can be left to run on full power. The battery lasts long enough to efficiently clean a 3 to 4 bedroom house and the charge permits two full cleans each day.

If this is the first bot you have bought consider your home and the size of it, think of places where it might get stuck then program it around these. It will shut doors and move things out of the way as long as they are under 1kg.

Compared to other brands the Deebot is cheaper, but that does not mean it is any less effective. You will probably need to empty Deebot every day other maintenance may include turning him over and cleaning the sensors occasionally.

HOBOT LEGEE-668 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot

This is one of the best robot mop and vacuum combi’s on the market offering 2 steps to clean floors.

Step 1 The vacuum will collect dirt and debris.

Step 2 The vacuum will wet floors with water, wipe away dust and dry clean.

The cleaning pads of this machine mimic hand movements, increase the amount of time spent mopping, integrated a smart navigation program and spray a minute amount of water. The Hot Legee 668 is 2 robots in 1. Legee has a 4 in 1 approach and is excellent for those who want to keep their home clean.

This vacuum is very fast at wiping in a repetitive motion. The side brush gets to work brushing up all pet hairs, the suction is working continuously picking up dirt and hair. The front part has a brush cloth fitted that accomplishes the job of dry brush, cleaning any stains away. The water spray helps to remove any stuborn stains. It makes the floor look clear and shiny.

Legee exploits intelligent navigation technology carrying out the work through 3 lasers situated in the front of the robot. It differs completely from the usual kind of image placing robots that lose their way once the light switches off. Furthermore, it has a non slipping ability. Hotbot have incorporated new technology to prevent the robot stopping on a wet floor or slipping around randomly. It is a lot better than drag mop robots with extra brushes and mop pad that is resistant to damage. The bot avoids obstacles due to its algorithm.

There are not many disadvantages to this vac, but one downside is the suction is not very powerful and the plastic used to manufacture this machine makes a loud noise when it crashes into objects. The robot can be turned on and left in the home when you go out. When you come back your floors are nicely cleaned and bot is recharging. The robot looks stylish and is suitable for all types of flooring.

Fmart E-R550W Robot Vacuum Cleaner Very Smart

This is a robot that packs a punch, similar to other robots it uses tangle-free suction to pick up hair, dirt and debris. It is the ideal solution for pet hair. The battery lasts for up to 120 minutes cleaning time. It has a highly efficient filtration that decreases dust that can cause allergies or asthma.

The infrared sensors attached to the robot protect furniture and avoid it bumping into obstacles. There are different cleaning modes including; deep clean, wet/dry and advanced dirt detect technology.

The robot has 2 side brushes, an 800Pa strong suction making sure it gives a thorough clean. Since each home is different this robot targets individual areas. Spot mode uses technology to give targeted vacuuming around the home with 3 cleaning modes.

The air filtration system traps dust in the air as it cleans, to make sure the home is left spotless. The dustbin and water tank can be cleaned and maintained easily. It is important to keep the water tank and dustbin clean after each use. However, the HEPA filter is unable to be cleaned.

Like other robots it recharges itself by the home dock. It is necessary to remove the water tank whilst recharging since it could be a fire risk. This bot is great for different floors and makes the transition easily. It may need a little guidance with the remote when it goes over trickier parts like rugs.

The good thing with this bot is that it is fairly quiet and won’t disturb everyone. Every time you give it a command it will make a doorbell type of sound which can be annoying. When finding its way back to the dock it needs to be close to it or in the same room as otherwise it takes a long time to find the docking station.

The Dingji Convenient Smart Auto Rechargeable Smart Robot Vacuum 

This vacuum offers deep cleaning carefully using its suction to pick up every last crumb. The powerful suction pulls up everything in its path. It works on thin carpets to hardwood floor. It is very quick at cleaning and does not bump into obstacles.

This machine goes from sweeping to mopping, designed to utilize wind to draw all the dust into the bin. Due to its mopping system it decreases hemming with no water residue or stains. This cleaning robot is the answer to all of your cleaning needs. This is a cordless 3 in 1 wet floor mop vacuum. It moves automatically to clean the floor and changes direction when it comes to a wall or other obstacles so it doesn’t crash into them. The voltage is DC 5V with a power output of 7W. The noise rate is 70dB, dust box capacity 350 ML, clearing area 150m, battery 3000mA and charge manual.

ILIFE Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (V5s Pro Gray US Plug)

The iLife offers affordability and lots of features including vacuuming and mopping. It may require a little maintenance, but it is nimble and has a battery life lasting over an hour and a half. Furthermore, you can schedule the robot so it is easy to control and it has a powerful motor suction. It is fantastic for cleaning many types of floor including hardwood and laminate. Fantastic value for money and a top rated vac and mop robot. However, it does have slight issues like its forgetfulness when trying to find the charge base. On the other-hand it infrequently gets stuck on furniture.

The iLife robot has a good water tank. There are many positives for those who have hard flooring and need a good machine to clean it. The inventors of the machine primarily designed it for mopping hence the 0.3 liter water tank which is larger than a lot of robot vacuums.

MuLuo Smart 360 Degree Automatic best floor cleaning machine

The MuLuo Smart 360 carefully cleans all debris. Picks up all debris, dirt and pet hair from different types of flooring. There is no dirt left once the robot vacuum and mop completes the job, it is highly efficient.

Turns 360 degrees. The fact that it turns makes it easier to navigate around small areas without bumping into anything. It simply provides a smooth, deep clean better than most of us would be able to do in so little time too.

Identifies dangerous areas like the desk and stairs so it avoids bumping into them. There is nothing worse than finding scratches and bumps on furniture, but this bot does not leave any marks as it efficiently cleans. Silent design features make this extremely quiet. Therefore, you can sleep whilst it is doing the cleaning for you. The designers of MuLo have taken everything into consideration and now you don’t have to worry about waking neighbors or even yourself. You can sleep through cleaning, then wake to find a clean, freshly vacuumed home.

Strong and safe material. It is safe and made from ABS material allowing it to be durable and strong. The robot has been built to last years of usage and will not break easily. Easy to operate at the switch of a button to make the best floor cleaning machine work. It is extremely easy to use. The great thing with the suction and mop is that it takes the work out of vacuuming and cleaning so you can concentrate on other areas of the home.

Choose wisely when it comes to buying a robot and mop since a bad choice could end up costing more than you paid for. The whole point is that you want to let the bot do the work, but if you choose a cheaper robot that does not work as efficiently you might have to do more work to repair what the vacuum has done. Therefore, research before buying a bot and choose one that suits your individual needs. Hopefully the above five robot vacuum and mop has given you some ideas and maybe you will choose one of them.