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ThermaPro Elite12 Steam Cleaning Mop : World’s Best Steamers!

Introducing the fantastic lightweight ThermaPro Elite 12 Steam Cleaning Mop from PurSteam-the world’s best steamers. This amazingly easy to use multi-functional steam mop is ideal for cleaning all types of hard floors and so much more around the house.

It lets you clean and sanitize with minimum time and effort using just tap water. It’s super convenient and so much more effective than your traditional mop, which means no more scrubbing floors and struggling with buckets of dirty water.

Why use the power of steam?

Steam cleaning is fast becoming the modern non-toxic cleaning method of choice for many health-conscious households. Simply by using only water, rather than harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning compounds that you would typically use with other more traditional cleaning solutions. Steam cleaning naturally and effectively kills up to 99.9% of household germs, including salmonella, E. Coli, and Staphylococcus, as well as dust mites germs, surface mold, along with removing stubborn dirt, grime, and stains.

Plus, unlike those traditional cleaning methods that can do you and your floors more harm than good, the fantastic thing about using steam to clean is that you can use it on just about every surface in virtually every room in the house and the car. Why because it effectively trades heat for chemicals without sacrificing strength.

With the help of heat and moisture, the ThermaPro Elite 12 steams, deodorizes and sanitizes naturally and eliminates all those nasty elements from your home, protecting you and your family from harm.

Why settle for just clean when you can go for a clean, fresh-smelling, healthy, happy, and environmentally -friendly ThermaPro Elite 12 home?

How does the ThermaPro Elite 12 work?

The ThermaPro Elite 12 steam mops work by heating water from the water tank and sending a jet of steam down into a mop pad covering the head. The steam soaks the pad, which assists in its ability to loosen dirt and grime off the floor. Unlike traditional mops, the mop head absorbs the dirt, and the heat of the steam can kill most of the bacteria and dust mites on the floor. Not only a faster means of cleaning but a more sanitary one.

Compared to a mop and bucket cleaning system, the ThermaPro Elite steam mop makes it extremely convenient, easy, and fast to use.

The cleaning tool that every household needs

The uniquely triangular shaped mop head does all the hard work for you. It lets you clean all those hard to reach spots in every room in the house. Ideal for getting into corners or cleaning different surfaces,

The lightweight and easy to maneuver ThermaPro Elite 12 holds up to 8.5 fl.oz/250ml of water. Which is more than enough to deep clean all your hardwood floors, vinyl, tiles, linoleum, marble, sealed ceramic & porcelain tiles. Leaving you plenty of time to get on and enjoy the rest of your day.

The ThermaPro Elite 12 is so much more than just a steam mop; it comes with a selection of high-quality multi-functional tools that are safe and easy to use on all types of surfaces.

Simply remove the extension rod along with the mop head, and within seconds the built-in head turns in to an effective portable handheld steam cleaner that’s perfectly safe for refreshing and sanitizing furniture, curtains, garments, and fabrics.

But it doesn’t stop there, swap out the powerful nozzle and attach either the nylon or copper brush, and within minutes you have the perfect tool that easily and quickly cleans lightly soiled grout, removes soap scud and grime from kitchen or bathroom tiles and around taps.

The ThermaPro Elite 12 even saves you time and energy when it comes to cleaning the cooker and hob or even the BBQ grill, so no more scrubbing by hand or using potentially hazardous chemicals.

Designed to make your life easier

Weighing in at just over 6lbs, the Elite 12 is super lightweight, which makes it easy for you to glide from room to room or up and downstairs. Pet-friendly, with a fantastic extra-long 16′ power cable you should have no problem leaving all your floors looking fresh and clean without having to move from socket to socket.

Is the PurSteam ThermaPro Elite 12 for me?

The Pursteam ThermaPro Elite Steam Mop cleaner is a simple and great piece of cleaning kit that every family needs—designed to make your life simpler and cleaning increasingly fun with this new triangular steam mop head.

This super lightweight, quick fix steam mop is perfect for deep cleaning all manner of hard floors, including hardwood floors, vinyl, tiles, linoleum, marble, sealed ceramic & porcelain tiles.

And there’s more, within seconds it easily becomes a handheld steam cleaner, which is ideal for curtains, furniture, and even your cooker. This is a perfect addition to your household-cleaning armory. So the answer is very much a resounding, YES.

However, remember that steam cleaning works best on solid floors that have no joins – so check your floors before you start.

What comes in the box?

The PurSteam ThermaPro Elite 12 comes with the extension rod, the built-in handheld steam cleaner, a triangular mop head, a powerful cleaning nozzle, two different strength nylon brushes, a copper brush, and microfiber pad. And for total peace of mind, is offered you a two-year warranty.


Concerning the cost of the ThermaPro Elite 12, while we found it available on several online retail platforms, Amazon proved to be the most competitive.

The Last Word

Is this the best steam mop on the market, it might well be? The ThermaPro Elite 12 is the perfect environmentally friendly choice that lets you quickly and easily clean and sanitize all around the house with minimum time and effort, leaving your floors looking like brand new and your home smelling fresh and natural. No more scrubbing floors, this super steam mop lets you clean every part of your house using only tap water – could it get any easier?


This steam mop looks idea for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors; however, is there any preparation needed before I start cleaning?
To ensure you get the best results from ThermaPro Elite 12 Steam Mop, prepping the floor is vital, the mop works best if all loose dirt and grit are swept or vacuumed up before you begin.

We have two huge dogs, and whenever they come back from walking by the river, the kitchen floor ends up looking like a mud bath. Can I use my Elite 12 to clean up after them?
If your floors are heavily soiled, you will be smearing dirt all over the floor with hot steam. A deep cleaning by traditional methods might give you the best results in this instance.

We’ve just had a new tiled floor laid in the bathroom, and I just want to check this mop is okay on this type of flooring?
With it’s triangular shaped mop head the ThermaPro Elite 12 steam mop is perfect for all types of tiled floors, and so should be fine on your new bathroom floor. However, before you start, make sure your flooring material is suitable for steam cleaning. As steam cleaning can damage some flooring materials, so always check with either the floor installer or manufacturer.[/su_spoiler]

My Elite 12 has just arrived, and I super excited to start using it, but before I do, I see it came with three brushes; please could you tell me what they are used for?
We’re happy that you are pleased with your steam mop. The three brushes all fit on your portable handheld steam-cleaning unit and are for cleaning a variety of surfaces. For example, the nylon brushes can be used to remove soap scum and grime from around taps or on tiles, while the copper brush is ideal for cleaning more hardened dirt and grease like you might find in your oven or on the BBQ grill. We hope that helps.

I have not used a steam-cleaning mop before, and I’m a bit unsure how much steam I should use, can you help me with this, please?
Okay, there is no need to worry, your Elite 12 comes with an easy to use steam adjustment switch that lets you control just the right amount of steam you need to apply for both everyday cleaning or for shifting those sticky or dried-on stains.

Hi, can you tell me the best way the get the mop head pads clean, is it okay for me to drop them in the washing machine and are they reusable?
It’s fine to clean the microfiber pads in the washing machine, and yes, they are reusable.

We’re thinking about buying a steam mop, does this one run on batteries or is powered?
The ThermaPro Elite 12 steaming cleaning mop is lightweight and comes with an extra-long 16 feet power cable, which should let you move from room to room or up and downstairs with minimum effort. Also, because there are no batteries to worry about, you can clean to suit your schedule, not wait for the battery to charge up.

Is it okay to mix bleach into the water tank?
We would firmly recommend that you only use water, mixing other liquids could affect your floors plus cause you warranty issues with your steam mop.