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5 Things to Know About Cleaning Your Kitchen Floors

Whatever surface your kitchen floor is whether it is wood, tile, stone, vinyl and so forth, keeping it clean is important and so here you will find 5 things that you should know about cleaning your kitchen floor. Cleaning your kitchen floor is one of the most important parts of cleaning your kitchen, simply because they collect more dirt than any other floor in your household. Most people cleaning their kitchen floors do not want to haul around mops and buckets of water so here some quick and effective cleaning tips for the kitchen floor.

Sweep the floor every day 

this is quick and effective and can be done every night before you go to bed for the night, and with sweeping all the dust and debris into a dustpan, you ensure the dirt goes in the bin where it belongs.

Washing the floor 

it is recommended that the floor gets washed at least once a week, however that doesn’t mean you have to reach for the mop and bucket, in fact, a damp microfiber cloth is just as effective at washing and cleaning the kitchen floor, no matter what flooring service you have. This can even be done with a home mopping machine or tile floor steam cleaner if you were concerned that too much water was being used.

You don’t need to use fancy or harsh cleaners 

if you are using a microfiber cloth evidence suggests that this alone is as effective as picking up dirt, grease and grime as cleaners however if you do want to use cleaners it is important you use the right one for your floor so:

Linoleum floors – ammonia-based cleaners are the best.

Ceramic tiles – liquid floor-cleaning products are best.

Stone tiles – nothing acidic, avoid vinegar and citrus cleaners, washing up liquid and warm water will do the job effectively.

Wood flooring – washing up liquid and warm water is best.

Steam mops or handheld steam cleaners are also a great way of effective cleaning without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Never use a scouring cleaning aid/sponge to clean your floor 

this may clean your floor but it will also leave it looking scratched and scuffed, instead use a concentrated dose of whatever cleaner you choose to use and leave it on the floor for a minute or two and then use a nylon bristled or soft-bristled scrubbing brush upon the stains.

Avoid any floor cleaning products that promise you that your floor will shine 

evidence suggests that these types of floor cleaners contain an acrylic- based polish that although will leave the floor with shine, it will eventually also leave the floor yellowing and looking aged. This will also entail a brutal deep clean to try and remove the yellowing and ageing symptoms of the flooring.

If you stick to these tips your floor will be left sparkling clean with very little effort involved, and for even less effort you could invest in a robot vacuum cleaner or a robot cleaner with a mop.

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