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The most amazing tile and grout cleaning machines for home use at bargain prices!

[amazon box=”B07WTSV248,B004ZP4B6K,B07YKN69Y1,B014W2NJGI,B008MAVB0S,B07RLTYXW7,B07M5SND7X,B079FT1CVK,B07V39K883,B07Q6ZHX5R,B06WP2CLYY,B0000DF0RB,B082VR2BX1,B07V39K883″ template=”table”]Are you looking for the perfect tile and grout cleaning machines for home use or up-keep? Tile and grout cleaning machines for home use are an essential tool to have to help keep your tiles and grout looking brand spanking new.

Stained tiles, wood floors and grouting are the bane of any home-owner’s existence. Not only is dirt, mud, pet hair, food spillages and other debris unhealthy and unhygienic, but it also causes a mess, and makes your house look untidy.

If that sounds like a familiar problem to you, then you may be in the market for a cleaner that will leave your floors, tiles and grout clean and sparkling, and your home fresh smelling, without breaking your back or your wallet.

14 Best & Top Rated tile and grout cleaning machines of 2021:

Our list for the best tile and grout cleaning machines will help you decide which machine is best for you. Here are the top-rated & best-selling products which are available at affordable prices from the most well-known and reputable brand manufacturers.

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber

Cleaning your bathtub, shower and tile in the bathroom can be a nightmare … not anymore! A powerful scrubber that will do the hard work for you – fast, efficient, reliable and brilliant! This is one of the best tile cleaners with one of the best prices, and it is truly multipurpose as it cleans large areas of grout and can be used for a variety of purposes like tile cleaning, grout line cleaning, bathtubs and much more. This handy cleaner is one of the best product for cleaning grout lines off of tile floors, bathtubs, wall tiles, showers and more.

Use the brushes as intended and say good-bye to dirt in your bathroom. In addition, with this portable cordless design, you will stay clean and dry as you clean those pesky inaccessible areas without having to twist and bend. Removes mould, dried soap excess, rust, dried water and a variety of other stains.

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber is the easy way to scrub anything that needs scrubbing. It includes 4 brush heads, has back and knees saver functionality and it is guaranteed to cut your cleaning time.

Tilswall Scrubber will do the hard work for you! The car, the kitchen, the bathroom…. everything will shine with cleanliness!

Oreck Orbiter Ultra

Oreck Orbiter Ultra is our next on our list of must-have tile and grout cleaning machines. It is a little pricey, but I can assure you that it is worth every penny. From scrub to sand to refinish to wax to polish,, this machine can handle all of your floor surface needs and this multipurpose machine will also dry clean your carpet while saving your back.  

It’s a great floor sweeper and the Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose is very compact and lightweight.  It can be easily moved to be used to clean just about every location in your home. It is designed to replace hand-held accessories for cleaning small or confined spaces, combining all the benefits of mechanized cleaning systems: higher washing quality and instant drying.

It allows quick and easy cleaning where needed. It comes with a 10-year warranty and is the perfect machine for cleaning small surfaces that are currently being manually cleaned.

Dremel Versa

Another great product to clean tile & grout. With 33% higher battery capacity, thanks to the 4V max 2.0Ah Li-ion battery, this handy tile & grout cleaning tool delivers 25 minutes of continuous runtime and constant power. It also offers high torque for fast and efficient cleaning. The Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool is waterproof, making it optimal for dry and wet applications. The Dremel cleaning scrubber is compact and ergonomic, offering better control, comfort and usability in tight areas. This is one of the most versatile tools available and comes with different accessories to tackle a wide variety of cleaning applications.

Bissell BigGreen BGFS650 The Bissell BigGreen Commercial Hercules Scrub & Clean is simple to use and compact. Its lightweight design provides much-needed mobility to those awkward areas around the home and when used with Bissell BigGreen Commercial Floor Polish it brings a professional, high sheen to floors.

This machine is suitable for tile grout, marble and granite. It includes two brushes, two washable microfiber buffing pads and two polishing pads. The telescopic adjustable handle with opening butterfly grip provides extra stability, control, and comfort. The powerful polishing heads rotate at 2200 rpm but don’t worry as there is a handy furniture & wall protection bumper. 

Koblenz Floor Scrubber Model P1800A

This machine scrubs, polishes, buffs, and waxes tile floors with professional results thanks to a 4.2-amp motor. The most powerful available. The Koblenz Floor Scrubber comes with full width bronze gears for extra-long life and there is a one-year warranty on all defective parts. The heavy-duty floor scrubber cleans tile grout, ceramic floor, linoleum, and marbel floors. The 144oz solution tank helps clean, wax, and buff all hard floors. Comes with a two-speed motor, and a two-brush system.


Grout-eez tile cleaner treats tiles and grout professionally but is also a multifunctional cleaner. It adds and maintains shine to cleaned surfaces and does not require rinsing. 

With Grout-eez tile heavy-duty cleaner you will easily remove grease, stains and dirt from porcelain, subway tiles and ceramics. It dries quickly and the Grout-eez tile cleaner is very economical and will save you money.

It has excellent cleaning properties and really works to give and maintain shine to cleaned surfaces. Don’t worry about traces – Grout-eez tile cleaner won’t damage your tile but will only remove the dirt. Give it a try today and be surprised at how easy it is to keep your floors and tiles clean.

Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Tineco iFloor is suitable for use on all types of sealed hard floor – tile, marble, laminates, linoleum, sealed wood and more – mopping and drying at the same time, using a powerful suction that tackles the toughest of stains and spillages with ease, and leaves the floor clean and sparkling afterwards. It uses dual tanks to separate the clean and dirty water, meaning that there is no need for double cleaning.

Quiet and efficient, it is simple to operate and move around, making it easy to clean those hard- to-reach areas in your home or apartment, distributing water evenly with no puddles left behind. The iFloor can be set up in minutes and, with a ready-charged battery, you can get cleaning straight away with no delays. And, when finished, the dirty tank is easy to empty and clean, whilst the brush has a self-clean function, saving hours of effort and inconvenience. The iFloor comes equipped with a battery charger adaptor and a self-cleaning storage tray.

SKG 1500 Watt steam cleaner Mop

This steam cleaner mop is specifically designed to be used with a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, vinyl, laminate, and hard woods. It uses steam which is heated up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to lift and clean grime, grease, stains and debris from a surface, with a smart digital control which allows the user to control how much steam pressure is applied to any area. 

It is lightweight and features a 180-degree triangular head which is designed to be easy to manoeuvre, making it easy to reach otherwise hard to access spots and corners. It is also both convenient to install and store away afterwards.

The SKG incorporates a unique 6-in-1 design which means it can be used to clean virtually every room in a house, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop

The Bissell Powerfresh is a powerful steam mop which is able to tackle the toughest of hard-to-shift stains and stuck-on messes, using a detachable spot boost brush that loosens and raises debris and household dirt. Suitable for use on all types of sealed hard floors, including tile, linoleum, ceramic, marble and hardwoods, it uses the natural power of steam to sanitize floor surfaces, removing 99.9% of all germs and bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals, with a choice of two steam settings, depending on the level of cleaning required.

The Powerfresh can be manoeuvred effortlessly, thanks to a bottom that swivels, making it easy to reach corners and difficult spaces. It is amazingly simple to assemble, and comes with intuitive, self-explanatory instructions and controls, whilst the water tank can be filled easily with the handy measuring cup that is provided.

For added freshness, it is recommended that you insert a spring breeze fragrance disc (not supplied) into the built-in tray. This is simply the best way to clean tile floors and leave a trail of long-lasting fresh scent wherever you have cleaned in the house or apartment.

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate

This cordless vacuum cleaner is designed to clean any type of sealed floor, including tiles, laminates, and hardwood. It employs a microfiber brush roll which gently washes and scrubs the surface of a floor, loosening and lifting debris. Ideal whether you want a quick spruce-up or deep clean, the Hoover ONEPWR has a powerful suction capable of tackling the toughest of wet and dry messes, including pet hair, mud, and food spillages, with ease and efficiency.

Offering effortless assembly and set-up, the ONEPWR is simple to manoeuvre around a house and large furniture, with LED lights which monitor the cleaning mode and battery life. And, when the user has finished vacuuming, it can be stored away compactly. It is supplied with a quick-charging battery, which provides extended battery life, enabling multiple rooms to be cleaned before it needs to re-charged. It comes equipped with ONEPWR 3.0 ah Battery and Charger, Multi-Purpose Brush Roll, Storage Tray and Measuring Cup, and 8 oz. sample cleaning solution.

BISSELL Spinwave

The Bissell Spinwave is a powerful hard floor mop that leaves floors clean, shiny and as good as new again after use, picking up stains and dirt marks without having to scrub. It can be used to clean safely on any sealed hard floor, including tile, vinyl, linoleum and hardwoods, and comes equipped with two different types of cleaning pad – soft pads for everyday cleaning, and scrubby pads for tackling those tough, hard to shift stains and messes.

Swivel steering makes it easy to move and manoeuvre around and under furniture and access hard to reach nooks and crannies, whilst it glides easily and smoothly across the floor, taking all the physical strain out of cleaning. On-demand spray allows you to control exactly how much multi-surface solution is being sprayed on to your floor.

It is very simple to assemble and set-up – the cleaning pads are attached to the device via Velcro tabs on the bottom of the mop. The Spinwave plugs into the wall, so there is no need to worry about charging it first, or the battery life.

McCulloh MC1385 


The McCulloch  MC1385 Steam-Cleaner is a heavy-duty machine which is able to deep clean a variety of floors and surfaces, including tiles, ceramics, grouting, laminates, granite, sealed wood floors, grills, and even cars. It uses hot pressurised steam to remove grease, grime, stains and mould without the use of harmful chemicals. It is equipped with a large capacity tank which holds up to 48 ounces of water; pre-heat in less than 8 minutes for 45 minutes of cleaning time. A 16 ounce measuring cup is provided, along with 18 ergonomically designed cleaning accessories, including a floor mop, mop pad, squeegee, nylon brushes, and scrub pad. Furthermore, it offers advanced manoeuvrability, with an extra- long power cord, and a steam hose which extends over 9 feet, making it easy to access and clean those hard to reach areas.

Tineco iFLOOR3

Save time by vacuuming and washing floors in one easy step, leaving floors instantly dry and streak free with the Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum. This amazing machine picks up messy, sticky spills and pet hair on all sealed hard floors, including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, marble and linoleum. The iFLOOR 3 features powerful suction and cleans quietly without disturbing your family and pets. It is coordless and lightweight, while offering up to 25 minutes of continuous cleaning power.

The hands-free, self-cleaning system keeps the brush and tubes clean and odour-free. Please note that the machine must use Tineco solution to ensure the long-term use. The use of non-Tineco solution will cause corrosion and damage to the machine.

Bissell, 2747A

Skip your multi-step cleaning routine and clean your Tile floors in one easy step! The BISSELL Power Fresh Vac & Steam All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop vacuums up dirt and debris while steam cleaning your hard floors at the same time. Sanitize floors with the natural power of steam to eliminate 99. 9% of germs and bacteria. The Easy Touch digital controls allow you to seamlessly switch between functions while cleaning, so you can vacuum and steam at the same time or separately. It is safe to use on sealed hard floors including hardwood, tile, ceramic, linoleum, marble, and granite.

How We Identified the Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines For Home Use?

Keyfactor for choosing tile & grout cleaning machine for home useWhen considering which products to put on our shortlist of the best, we wanted to identify factors that are important to consumers when it comes to buying a tile and grout cleaning machine. Although the price is an important determinant to consumers, it is by no means the sole criteria. After all, if you buy a cheap cleaner which immediately breaks down, you have wasted your time and money. Not only have you paid for something that does not work, but you have to spend the time and money to go and buy a replacement, causing you to pay twice for a floor and grout cleaner.

While there are a variety of factors to take into consideration when purchasing a floor and grout cleaner, the following key factors should be considered before buying any machine intended to clean your floors, tiles and grouting.

Firstly, how well does it actually clean? Does it have powerful suction? Does it separate the clean and dirty water so you don’t have to? Does it clean and mop at the same time, or does it leave puddles on the floor afterwards for you to clean? These are all key questions that need to be answered.

Secondly, how portable is the machine? If you live in a larger house or have several floors to clean, having a cleaner that can easily be carried around is a necessity. Don’t forget the question of manoeuvrability. Even if you have a small house or apartment, manipulating a bulky vacuum cleaner around can be back-breaking.

Your floor and grout cleaner needs to be lightweight, with the ability to glide over surfaces and hard floors. It also needs to be nimble enough to access those hard to reach corners and move around and under heavy furniture, like many of those on our top ten list.

Simplicity and ease of use also need to be considered. People do not have hours to spend assembling or setting-up their cleaner or to devote to puzzling over complicated instructions. Instead, they need something that is easy to set-up, so they can start cleaning straight away. When they have finished with it, a cleaner should be compact so it can be stored easily, ready for the next time it is needed. This helps ensure your cleaner stays safe and prolongs its life.

Last, and by no means unimportant, a floor and grout cleaner should be easy to clean and maintain. A machine that entails hours of cleaning every time it is used is inconvenient and inefficient. A cleaner should be quick and easy to assemble and use but, at the same time, should be designed in such a way that any residual dirt or debris can be removed from it effectively without having to use an excess of effort keeping your machine clean.

Armed with these criteria, we processed hundreds of product reviews to determine our shortlist, focusing on feedback from real consumers with these products rather than claims from the manufacturers, which are often exaggerated. We have identified the top ten amongst the best tile and grout cleaning machines available on the market.

Affordability was a big factor in our search and is reflected in our choices of the best machines your money can buy.

User Guide 

To help keep your floor and tile cleaner in the best shape, make sure to remove any debris or dirt from surfaces before cleaning. Read and follow all instructions in your user manual. Ensure the machine is stored upright, in a safe location that will help keep it clean from unwanted dirt and dust. Wipe your cleaner down with a clean, damp cloth to keep it looking new.

Floor and tile cleaners are made to last if you care for them properly. Following all instructions and using the appropriate cleaning solutions is a must to keep your floor and tile cleaner in tip-top shape. Make sure to clean your floor and grout tile cleaner after every use. Wash out any water reservoirs and allow them to dry properly. Wipe away any dirt and ensure you correctly wrap the electrical plug up and store it properly to avoid breaks in the wires.

Even if your new floor and grout tile cleaner comes with a charge to the battery, plug it in and allow it to charge fully before using for the first time to help ensure optimal battery life. Always fully charge the battery before use and allow to fully drain before charging. 

Top Cleaning Tips for your Grouting and Hard Floors

Harmful things for Tile & Grout cleanerEven with repeated mopping and cleaning, your tiles and grouting can still appear dirty and discoloured. If this is the case in your house, it is possible to get everything clean and sparkling again.

It is recommended you use a nylon brush or old toothbrush to get the best results because the fine bristles can access those hard-to-reach areas more easily.  Do not use a metal brush as there is a risk you will scratch the tiles or grouting.

Before you start, always sweep or vacuum the floor area and wipe down the area you want to clean well with water so that any loose debris is removed. Debris can damage your cleaner and lead to expensive repair bills or the need for replacement altogether.

While there are a variety of products you can use on your kitchen or bathroom floor, make sure they do not include chlorine bleach as this can stain coloured grouting. If you have a floor made of granite or natural stone, do not use household cleaners on them for similar reasons.

The best solutions can be found in your kitchen cupboards or under your kitchen sink.  Baking soda, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide all work well as cleaners and are safe for all surfaces.

Below are instructions for using these common household items as cleaners for your floors, tiles and grout.

Baking Soda

  • Create a paste by mixing the baking soda with water
  • Stir until it has the consistency of toothpaste
  • Spread the paste evenly over the grouting, and leave for up to 15 minutes
  • Scrub with a brush and rinse off with water or a damp cloth.

White Vinegar

  • Dilute two-parts of vinegar and one-part water
  • Add a few drops of washing-up liquid
  • Spray the solution on the grouting evenly and allow 15 minutes to settle
  • Wipe it clean with a damp cloth on which baking soda has been lightly sprinkled (this reduces the acidity of the vinegar)
  • Wash everything down with clean water

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Fill a bottle with a spray top with a mixture one-half hydrogen peroxide and one-half water, and add a few drops of washing-up liquid
  • Spray the solution onto the grout and allow it to rest for 15 minutes
  • Wipe it down with a damp cloth

As a more long-term tip, you can apply a grout sealer once a year on average. This will not only help your grout stay clean but will give it protection against general wear and tear. For more details, you can read this article: How to clean tile grout professionally.


If you want a sparkling new floor and brilliant white grouting, then you need a best steam floor cleaner. All the models showcased will give now out make your floors shiny and new, but they have been designed so that they are easy to use, and clean even those hard to reach areas in your home.

All of them are also easy to assemble and set-up, meaning they can be used within minutes of getting one through your door. All are available at affordable prices and can be ordered directly from Amazon.com.