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How To Clean Tile & Grout Using a Handheld Steam Cleaner.

We all value cleanness in our homes. But there is always a lot of work involved in cleaning. Sometimes we have to acquire the latest technologies to do the cleaning. Cleaning tiles and grout can be very hard. You have to bend and scrub the floor hard. Are you tired of this? Let me help you by introducing something that will make tile and grout cleaning easier and give it a super clean look. Have you heard of steam cleaners? Well, these cleaning devices are exactly what you need for tile and grout floors. They are a great arsenal in your cleaning. They work by using steam to clean the surfaces. One of the types of steam cleaners that you will enjoy using in your home is handheld steam cleaners. Join me as I explain to you how a  handheld steam cleaner works, how to use it, and the best handheld steam cleaner to buy.

How does a handheld steam cleaner work?

A steam cleaner cleans the house by the use of steam. This steam is produced from water, which is heated by a coil, which is in the steamer. Most of us would expect that steam produced here should have a chemical that will make it remove the stains of the tiles. But there is not the case. Steam, on its own, is able to break the adhesive properties of the stains that make it stick on the floor. It’s the reason why steam cleaners use steam.

What is the best steam cleaners to use for tile and grout?

The internet is flooded with advice on how to choose the best steam cleaner. The usual ways to select a steam cleaner includes the water tank size and the time it takes to heat. I do not disqualify these. Other factors that are specific to tile and grout surfaces are the types of attachments it comes with. Check the type of brushes that the steam cleaner has. In this case, the best brushes should be nylon, brass, and steel. Nylon is the weakest of them all, and it does not scratch most surfaces. Steel, on the other hand, is the hardest and is best for the most difficult situations, such as removing rust.

How to use a handheld steam cleaner.

There is always an option to use a professional to use the steam cleaner. It’s still not discouraging, but this always comes with an added cost. Why don’t you do it yourself? Don’t let your lack of knowledge on how to use it cost you some money. In this section, we will give you a general outline of how to use a steam cleaner.

✅The first step that you always have to do is to prepare the surface for the cleaning process. It involves removing the excess dirt on the tiles and grout that will hamper the cleaning process. First, remove all the large things that might be on the floor, such as furniture. Then clean the floor. You can use detergent if possible.

✅Preparing the steamer. First, fill the steam cleaner with water as per the manufactures instructions then connect it to a power source. Put it on and wait for it to steam. Generally, it takes a few minutes for it to steam though the time is not constant for all steam cleaners. Others might take longer. Ensure that all the attachments such as the nozzles and the brushes are properly connected. This is for your own safety to minimize any accidents. In addition, always wear your shoes during the cleaning process.

✅Cleaning. Once everything is in order, you can start cleaning. Using a steam handheld cleaner will be easy for you; move it anywhere you want to clean. The process should be done in no hurry. If you are cleaning tiled walls, start at the top, then go downwards. Water might make the place you cleaned dirty if you started from the bottom. Depending on the surface area of the tiled floor, you must be braced for refilling your steam heater a couple of times before you finish.

✅Drying. Once you are through, it’s important to let the floor dry. Open all doors and windows to allow fresh air in. If the floor still shows some signs of stains, you can repeat the teaming process. After a couple of times, it will look super clean. If you are convinced by how clean the house looks, store the steamer safely. A good way of ensuring it lasts longer is cleaning it and pouring out the excess water that remained during cleaning.

Why should you use a steam handheld steam cleaner for tiles and grout?

✅It’s the safest way to clean your floors. Previously I have stated that steam cleaners use only water to clean the surfaces. It’s free of chemicals which might have side effects.

✅Portability. Handheld steam cleaners are very portables, and you can move them around your house during the cleaning process.

✅They make the tiled and grout surfaces look super clean. If there is something to be glad about is its efficiency in making the floor look super clean. It will look as though it were new.

A handheld steam cleaner is the best alternative for people who are tired of constantly scrubbing tiles and grouts to give the house a splendid look. It’s an efficient and affordable way of cleaning the house. You easily achieve the cleaned house without a lot of effort if you use a steam cleaner. The fact that it does not use any chemical makes it a safe alternative for you. To use a handheld steam cleaner does not require you to purchase one, you can hire. Others who want to buy one of their own should always consider factors such as water tank capacity, the time it takes to steam, and the attachments it comes with. Always buy from trusted suppliers to get the best quality equipment. Remember to apply proper maintenance techniques on the steamers to make it last longer.