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Tineco iFloor Wet Dry Vacuum : It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Mop and Bucket.

Tineco iFloor Wet Dry VacuumToday we’re super pumped to be introducing the very latest in advanced cleaning technology the very sleek and incredibly stylish iFloor Cordless Hard Floor Washer and Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaning system from US manufacturers Tineco.

The versatile Tineco iFloor wet dry vacuum is a super lightweight cordless hard floor cleaner/washer unit that not only allows you to dry vacuum and wash bare floors at the same time. But you can also use it to dry vacuum or to clean carpets. This machine solves your entire daily hard surface floor cleaning needs quickly and easily. So you can spend more time focusing on the essential things in life.

Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Powerful One-Step Cleaning for Hard Floors, Great for Sticky Messes and Pet Hair
  • POWERFUL ONE-STEP CLEANING – Vacuum and wash your floors at the same time, it's never been faster or easier to clean; no sweeping or vacuuming before mopping is necessary; clean, scrub and dry your floors with one simple, versatile cleaning tool.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CONVENIENCE – Superb cleaning for indoor sealed hard surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, linoleum, tile, vinyl, marble, and stone; one tool for all your hard floor cleaning jobs.
  • ALWAYS MOP WITH CLEAN WATER – Two-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, for optimal cleaning results; ideal for sticky spills, messy pet hair, scrubbing, dusting, or everyday mopping and cleaning chores.
  • CORDLESS CONVENIENCE– Cordless for ultimate mobility and convenience; up to 22 minutes run time on a single charge; flexible, rotating scrubber brush maneuvers easily, fits behind furniture and into tight spaces.
  • SELF-CLEANING CYCLE KEEPS HANDS CLEAN – Activate self-cleaning mode and the iFloor cleans its roller with fresh water and detergent, you only need to touch a button; parts can be detached and individually washed; the storage tray keeps everything organized and tidy.

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So what’s in the box?

Besides your iFloor machine, there is a handy storage tray ideal to keep everything in one place safe and sound, no more hunting for lost brushes, etc. – it’s a shame a few more manufacturers don’t follow this idea.

The storage tray also doubles as the self-cleaning brush tray and is perfect for protecting and keeping your floor clean and dry after use. Also included are the sturdy 3-1 cleaning tool, the AC battery charger, and the user guide, which we suggest you take a moment to go through before using your iFloor machine.

Regarding the battery, charging time takes around 3-4 hours, which will give you a run time of approximately 20 minutes. Not a long time, so you do need to work smart.

What’s not in the box?

There is no Tineco recommended Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution, which you can purchase from any approved Tineco stockiest. This solution works with your iFloor, to remove pet odors and hairs, mold, and bacteria. Helping you to protect the whole family and providing a healthier, safer living environment.

How does the iFloor work?

Designed to vacuum and wash all at the same time, the iFloor is safe and effective for removing all kinds of big nasty stains or for regular light mopping. With a push, it glides across sealed bare floors like laminates, glazed ceramics, linoleum, hardwood, vinyl, marble, and all similar surfaces with ease. (It shouldn’t be used on unsealed floors.)

You can best describe the iFloor as an electric mop that you don’t have to sweep up before using it, so your floors stay clean and dry as you work.

The Dual transparent tanks keep clean and dirty water separate, and with one trigger to spray liquid, your floor is left smooth and shiny. For those stubborn stuck-on messes, dirt and stains, add one cap full of the Tineco Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution to the clean water tank and switch to the ‘Spot Mode’ for extra scrubbing power, your floor should be dry in around 5 minutes.

The iFloor soft, gentle brushroll is ideal for picking up dirt off bare floors and for surface washing without damaging or scuffing your floors.

You can also use the iFloor as a vacuum for quick cleanups of dry material from hard floors or carpets, though you shouldn’t think of it as your everyday vacuum cleaner. It’s not fair to compare the iFloor with the typical home vacuum cleaners, specially built for the job.

And although your iFloor can be used as a carpet washer too, it won’t pull out deeply embedded dirt and grime. On carpets, its best used it for quick cleanups and refreshing carpet surfaces.

When you’ve finished with your iFloor and its time to remove the dirt and gunk from the rotating brushroll, it couldn’t be easier. Thanks to the self-cleaning storage tray, you place your machine on the tray. Fill the Clean Water Tank with at least 1/3 of water/cleaning solution and then press and hold the Start Button for at least 3 seconds.

The self-cleaning process starts, which lasts for about 40 seconds, after which your machine turns itself automatically off – leaving you to get on with the rest of your day.

To clean the Clean Water Tank and remove any debris from the Dirty Water Tank, use the sturdy 3-1 cleaning brush and then just run the tanks under warm water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

How easy is the iFloor to use?

The iFloor is fully portable and cordless, so there is no trailing power lead, allowing you to work effortlessly throughout the house, without having to keep moving from socket to socket. It’s lightweight and at just under 7lbs so easy to lift and carry even up and downstairs. The ultra-quiet, powerful, rotating brush head gives you total flexibility and maneuverability to clean those hard to reach spots under furniture or cabinets with absolute cleaning ease. 

Is it the iFloor for me?

The iFloor might not be for everyone, and there is a choice of several similar competitive products in the market.

But overall, we found the Tineco iFloor to be a sleek, stylish machine that is the perfect flexible wet-dry vacuum machine. Ideal for mopping and quick dry cleanups all around the house.

To quickly clean up after small children, pets who sometimes have an accident and friends who spill their drinks its ideal.

We also found it to be one of the best hard floor washer and vacuum machines when it comes to cleaning sealed hardwoods. All types of vinyl, marble, and laminates along with bathroom and kitchen floor tiles, and for those quick carpet and vacuuming cleanups, the iFloor more than holds its own.

It is relatively inexpensive, extremely lightweight, portable, and super easy-to-use with excellent cleaning power. So in our opinion, we think it’s a very worthwhile addition to your existing cleaning tool line up. And for total peace of mind, the iFloor comes with a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

However, there are a couple of things you need to remember with the iFloor; there is quite a bit of clean up required after use – gunk and dirt in the Dirty Water Tank can be a bit messy to remove – so you do need to use the sturdy 3-1 cleaning brush for best results.

You also need to keep an eye on the water level in the Dirty Water Tank; we found when it got to the maximum level, if you did not empty the tank straight away, it would leak out via the brushroll, leaving dirty water all over the floor.

Lastly, because this is a cordless wet-dry vacuum, you’ll be relying on a battery instead of a cord, which means you will need to charge the battery regularly.


After a little searching, we found the Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Hard floor Washer Cleaning on several online retailer sites. However, at the time of writing this review, Amazon was the most competitively priced at just $224.37 with selected free delivery.

The Last Word

If the alternative is using a dirty mop and bucket, then the iFloor is without a shadow of a doubt far more hygienic and so much more user-friendly.


Does the machine come with the cleaning solution you mentioned?

Hi, thank you for the question. The Tineco Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution is not included in the package. You will need to purchase it separately from any approved Tineco reseller or Amazon.com.


I need to check I’m using my iFloor correctly? I just used mine on my laminate kitchen floor, and the DWT is not full, but I can see some Dog hairs and other debris.

There is no need to worry – you’re doing great. That’s normal if your DWT is not full of dirty water. When you’ve finished, flush out the dog’s hair and any other debris before you use the iFloor wet & dry vacuum cleaner again to avoid blockages.


Tell me; is the spray trigger hard to pull? I’ve got a cramp in my hand after just one room.

It’s not hard to pull and should only require a light, simple squeeze each time you need to spray water. You don’t need to be continually pulling on the trigger as you could end up with far too much water on your floor.


Is it okay to use a hardwood wax stripper in this machine?

For best results, we highly recommend that you only use the Tineco’s cleaning solution exclusively for your iFloor. Doing so will avoid any damage to the machine and any warranty issues.


What type of surfaces is it best for me to use my iFloor on?

Your iFloor works well on indoor hard floor surfaces, such as tile, vinyl, sealed wood floor, laminate, linoleum, marble, and more. We suggest that you don’t use the iFloor on rugs or rough surfaces, as you may not get the best performance.

Is this Machine Clean Dirt From Grout Lines of Tile & Marble Floor?
Though, Tineco iFloor is a good grout cleaner machine for home use. But honestly, it’s not good for cleaning grout lines, for cleaning grout lines properly I always recommend an electric spin scrubber. Homitt spin scrubber will be the best choice to clean tile & grout lines.

How long does it take the floor to dry after using the iFloor for mopping?

Usually, It takes around 5 minutes to dry the floor in normal mode and about 8 minutes in Spot mode, depending on the environment. If you have any streaks visible after cleaning, this is probably due to the residual cleaning solution, and we recommend you go over the floor again with just clean water.


Need some urgent advice; my small son has just knocked a bowl full of Cheerios all over the kitchen floor. So now I’ve got Cheerios and milk everywhere. Do I need to sweep up the cereal first, or will my iFloor come to my rescue?

Oh dear, we’re sorry to hear that, but don’t panic. Your iFloor picks up large particles and liquid at the same time. No need to sweep up before vacuuming, your floor can be dry and clean within minutes. We hope that helps.


Once the battery as been fully charged, how long does it usually last?

You should have just over 20 minutes run time with a fully charged battery.