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The Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Pure ONE S12

The Tineco Pure ONE S12 is a ‘Rock Star’ among stick vacuums. It combines a chic, sleek design with pioneering SMART vacuum technology to deliver deeper, quieter, and longer cleans.

The impressive suction of the Pure ONE S12 gives you all the power of a corded stick vacuum but with so much more versatility. With only one trigger to activate the machine along with the awe-inspiring battery life, you’ll find it super easy and convenient to use on all types of hard flooring and carpets throughout the house.

Okay, so let’s learn a little more about this Rock Star.

Well, the first thing you’ll notice is just how well packed the Pure ONE S12 for shipping, so everything arrives in perfect condition. Once you’ve got everything out of the box, the easy to follow ‘Quick Start’ guide helps to get you up and running in no time; assembly consists of connecting four parts, and then your good to go. And with the S12 coming with two batteries, its ideal for cleaning the whole house in one go, leaving you plenty of time to focus on the more enjoyable things in life.

The Pure ONE S12 is all about easy and effortless fingertip control. The Hi-Tech all-in-one LED display relays every detail to you, telling you instantly your cleaning status and what’s going on with your machine — everything from the amount of dust, battery level, suction power, malfunction, etc. This machine does all the work for you.

And now for the technical information

First off, let’s talk about the power of the Pure ONE S12. Its ultra-quiet yet strong suction delivers a whopping 145W in Max power mode – which is six times more than an ordinary DC motor cordless vacuum cleaner.

This impressive power drives a single brush for use on both hard floors and carpets. And to make life even more fun, the unit is fitted with LED lights to help you to clean in the dark – should you need too.

Alongside this and to help you clean up even the toughest of messes, the Pure ONE S12 comes with what Tineco calls Smart Suction and an iLoop Sensor. Smart Suction lets you adapt the power suction for a more deep-seated clean while the iLoop Sensor detects hidden dust wherever it hides.

Then when it comes to cleaning the filter, it couldn’t be easier. Designed to ensure you enjoy persistent suction and uninterrupted cleaning experience, the exclusive Tineco self-cleaning tool helps clean your filter instantly – so no need to remove or rinse the filter. Simply attach the device and power on the vacuum.

And if you’re into super tech, you can download the Tineco App, which is available for both Android version 5.0 or later and iOS version 8.0 or later. This App isn’t necessary to use the vacuum, but you can access the vacuum’s functions through the App, receive reminders, and keep track of your cleaning report. It also lets you troubleshoot & deal with any product support issues, should they arise.

So now we understand how the Pure ONES12 works, let’s take a look at how it performs.

The multifunction attachments tools are ideal for all your various cleaning needs; making cleaning dirt, dust, from most types of hard flooring, including hardwoods, all kinds of vinyl, laminates, bathroom, and kitchen tiles easy. And when its time to pick up crumbs or hair left behind by small children or even big children for that matter or by our’ best friends’ on rugs and low pile carpets, then nothing beats the Tineco Pure ONE S12.

But why stop at just floors, the S12 gives you the versatility and flexibility to clean a whole lot more. Can’t reach your ceiling corners, the top of your curtains or any of those hard to reach tricky spots like under beds or low furniture then, don’t worry, this stick vacuum cleaner gives you all the maneuverability you’ll ever need.

And when it’s time to clean the baseboards, freshen up the sofa and cushions, give your computer keyboard a clean or perhaps give the upholstery and floor mats in the car a tidy up, then the Pure ONE S12 converts in seconds to a super stylish, lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner ready to tackle even the toughest of jobs.

Best of all is the fact that the Pure ONE S12 runs super quiet. Using the motorized heads or manually increasing the power makes the vacuum louder, but set it on Auto, and this machine is incredibly quiet – so no fear of upsetting the neighbors or waking the family during those late-night cleaning sessions.

At the height of 33 inches, the S12 stick vacuum is super comfortable to use and to help you move effortlessly around the house; it’s ultra-lightweight. With the battery fitted, it weighs just 4.6lbs, so making it easy enough to carry single-handed up or downstairs, which is particularly useful if you suffer from any joint or back pain.

The S12 also comes with a wall-mounted dock for charging, designed so you can charge both batteries simultaneously. The initial charge takes around four hours, and with both batteries, you get a combined run time of approximately 100 minutes. The easy to read digital display on the vacuum lets you know just how far along the charging process is.

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What’s in the box?

This is where it gets really exciting the Pure ONE S12 comes with just about every accessory you could ever think of, all designed to help make cleaning your home easy and effortless. Each one of the accessories is labeled to help you to familiarize yourself with the specific tools. Also included is a cloth drawstring bag large enough to hold all of the accessories when they’re not in use – so there’s no more searching for missing brushes. They include

  • Direct-drive LED multi-tasker power brush
  • Mini power brush
  • 2-in-1 dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Flexible long crevice tool
  • LED soft-roller power brush
  • Multi-angle folding tube
  • Flexible extension hose
  • Automatic pre-filter cleaning tool and extra pre-filter
  • Two lithium batteries
  • Hair cleaning tool – ideal for removing hair that gets wrapped around the power brushes.

Is the S12 the right machine for me?

Well, probably not if you enjoy lugging a heavyweight upright vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs or like the idea of the trailing power cable getting tangled up around the furniture. However, if you want a stick vacuum that’s super stylish, lightweight and combines leading-edge technology with super versatility and power, then the S12 is the perfect cleaning machine for you.

The easy to use Auto setting on the S12 gives you all the power you need – when you need it, giving you impressive performance all around the house. It’s the perfect vacuum for all types of hard floors surfaces, including hardwoods, Vinyl, Marble, Laminates, bathroom, and kitchen tiles. Then when it comes to the accessories and getting the job done, you simply increase or decrease the power level with a swipe of your finger.

And while overall, the Tineco Pure ONE S12 is an awe-inspiring machine and is perfect for today’s modern living. We did find a couple of flaws. Pet hair and dirt can quickly fill up the relatively small dustbin. So you do find yourself keep emptying the bin after cleaning only one to two rooms, and while the container is straightforward to empty – just push a button, and the bottom of the bin pops open, it’s still a bit of a pain to keep stopping and starting when you’re cleaning.

Also, while the S12 does come with two batteries, which is more than enough to clean the average home, they probably wouldn’t be enough to clean a significantly bigger house and so a little planning in your cleaning regime might be needed.

The Price

We checked out several online retailers for the price of a Tineco Pure ONE S12 vacuum, and Amazon.com was the most competitively priced.

The Last word

The S12 vacuum is undoubtedly a step above other stick vacuums with its versatility and overall performance. It’s surprisingly powerful while draining little battery life, and it maneuvers well on carpeting, wood floors, and tile, making it’s ideal for those hard-to-clean spots. It’s super easy to use, don’t let the App or the digital display put you off if you’re not super into technology. The S12 is genuinely a ‘Rock Star’ in the world of the stick vacuums.


Hi, I like this machine, but I’m a bit concerned about installing the App on my phone, do I have to give you all sorts of personal information before I can use the machine?
That’s a great question, and you raise a valid point, but please rest assured there is no access to personal information on your phone, and you can use the machine without installing the App. The App is only there to help monitor the status of your vacuum machine and to keep you updated with any product changes.

Is the machine fitted with a HEPA filter?
Yes, like all Tienco vacuums, the S12 does have HEPA a filter.

I noticed that the brush head is fitted with what looks like LED lights, is that right and what are they there for?
You’re absolutely correct; the multi-tasker brush that comes with the Pure One S12 is equipped with LED lights helping you to see the surface that you are cleaning more efficiently and for seeking out dust and grime that might be lurking underneath furniture or beds.

We have several large dogs that do tend to shed their hair all over the house, could this machine help us clean up after them?
The Pure ONE S12 is the ideal machine for collecting pet hair from all types of hard surfaces and carpets. Plus, it quickly converts to a hand help device for cleaning bedding, sofas, and cushions.[/su_spoiler]

What warranty comes with this machine, please?
The S12 comes with a two-year limited warranty against original defects in material and quality.

I have a couple of questions regarding my machine, which I hope you can help me with; do I have to hold the trigger at all times, and is there a way I can turn off the Auto mode when I’m vacuuming?
Okay, so firstly, No, you do not have to hold the trigger at all times. Secondly, with regards to the Auto mode. If you use the slider/swipe option while the machine is in use, auto mode is automatically disabled. When you release the trigger, auto mode will activate again the moment you press the trigger. We hope this answers your questions.