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Professional Expert Tips for Cleaning and Shining your Laminate Floors

Cleaning your laminate floors may seem like a huge undertaking when starting out for the first time on this endeavor. You have a desire to see your laminate floors sparkle to a new level of shine and you want your sparkling clean floors to be noticed by houseguests, friends and family as they admire the beautiful clean of your shiny floor surfaces. As we all know our flooring in our homes can make a huge first and lasting impression on all of our houseguests so it is imperative that those floors in your home look in top shape at all times.

Laminate flooring has become common in homes across the world and can be kept up to perfect condition through a thorough and regular cleaning procedure and upkeep method. Laminate floors are unlike any other type of flooring and do require a special level of skill, expertise and knowledge to upkeep, maintain and beautify. Once the technique of cleaning your beautiful laminate floors is mastered you will be ready to show off your luscious flooring on a regular basis to friends, family and houseguests. With your newfound method of shining your laminate floors to an amazing clean you will find overtime that you have simply mastered the technique and will be able to easily able to repeat the steps over and over as you maintain and beautify your choice flooring.

The steps of cleaning your new laminate floor may seem simple but they require precision and the following of basic instructions in order to execute the process in the most efficient and effective way possible. Just like any other method of cleaning you want to do a sweep or vacuum first of all right away. This will ensure that you have the best possible surface to clean and then shine ultimately throughout the process.  Sweeping and mopping your treasured laminate floors will ensure that all dust, dirt and grime is removed right away, primarily. This will ensure the best possible root surface to execute the rest of the cleaning and shining process. You will want to make sure in this step that you have swept and vacuumed in all crevices and corners of your floor leaving no spot of your laminate floor untouched. You must start with a clean surface and this is the best and primary method of achieving that step.

Next we are getting close to the fun part to get your laminate floors in tip top and viewable shape! At this point once your laminate floor surface has been completely vacuumed, swept and cleaned you will now want to choose the perfect and best cleaner to get those floors shining to a sparkling clean like none other! Fortunately there are very many choices to choose from when making the perfect and most premier choice for your laminate flooring. You can choose from a few of the best sellers on the market which include:  Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner, Zep Hardwood Laminate and Floor Cleaner which can be found at Amazon. There are a plethora of other options as well to choose from these are just a few of the most popular on the market. You can also create an exciting and innovative home mixture if you are into making your own home products from scratch. Here’s the best recipe we found for your newfound home mixture: You mix a little vinegar, Dish Soap and water and there you have it an all-in-one home mixture to get your floors thoroughly and successfully clean in an instant.

After you have chosen the perfect choice for your cleaning endeavor now it’s time to apply the cleaner to your surface. You will want to be sure that you do not merely spray the cleaner onto the mop or sponge but rather spray the cleaner directly on your laminate floors for a best and most choice result from your efforts! Doing this method of spraying the cleaner directly onto the laminate flooring will ensure that there is enough and adequate distribution of product on all of the surface of your flooring area. It will also ensure the best and most thorough clean giving the product the best chance to get the floor legitimately and totally clean as an adequate prep for the rest of the shining process. You will then want to sponge or mop the product adequately and thoroughly over the floor surface to ensure a top notch clean. You can also preferably use a micro-fiber mop to apply the cleaner as you clean the floor. You will not want to merely distribute the product as you choose over the floor surface but you will want to be totally calculated about your cleaning method as you continue the process and project. The best way to ensure a total clean of your floor using your desired cleaning solution you will want to apply the cleaner to small sections of the laminate floor at a time to ensure proper and even coverage over the floor’s surface and to ensure that it is entirely cleaned and covered with the solution. You will want to work your micro-fiber mop over each small section of the solution saturated floor until the entirety of your floor’s surface is completely saturated, cleaned and sparkling!

Some may think that that last step would in fact be the last and only step in the process of properly and effectively shining your laminate floors but there can be much more in the process to make it through, complete and accurate to ensure best results! You will now want to add the final touch to make the floor sparkle and be show-worthy! You are now going to actually buff your floors to the desired shine of your preference. This step is interesting and totally and completely effective as a last step in our intricate, fun and exciting process of cleansing and shining your laminate floors! You will want to take a dry high quality micro-fiber cloth and buff the floor after you have worked the cleaning solution into small sections of the floor. This can be the most fun and exciting step because it takes the level of shine and clean to a whole new level as the floor is buffed the shine will appear more and more as you work each and every small section of the floor with your handy micro-fiber cloth! Continue buffing until your floors reach your desired preference of shine! You will be truly amazed at how well this last and final step will achieve your desired results! If the floor doesn’t shine enough just keep buffing until you see the shine that you desire to exude from your beautiful laminate flooring surface!

We have now reached the final step in the process and you have successfully completed and achieved your task of shining and cleaning your laminate flooring to a sparkling shine and clean! You will find this process simple and the more you repeat the process and steps the more second nature it will become and you will find that it fits seamlessly into any cleaning routine that you undertake in your home!