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10 Amazing Tips for Installing your own Laminate Floor

You actually can do it yourself, it just takes a little know how

When attempting and deciding to install at DIY laminate floor the most important aspect to know and believe is the fact that you can do it! There is nothing out of reach when endeavoring to lay your very own beautiful laminate floor! There are different types of laminate flooring and this quick and easy 10 step guide will guide you along the way to an awesome and amazing finished product of a beautifully laid and installed laminate floor that you completed all on your own. It is also important and vital to note that making this decision will save you thousands of dollars that you would normally pay a professional installer. This aspect can be a very attractive aspect to deciding to lay and install your own floor yourself.

These steps are easy and can be completed rather quickly when executed with precision and detail with close attention to instructions.

✅First of all you will want to measure your area. Go ahead and assess your room in which you will be installing the floor and make sure you know just how much flooring you will need and consider all supplies that will be needed in the process as well. Measure the area precisely using a tape measure so that you will have the exact and accurate measurements of your area as you will find this information vital when choosing the amount and size of laminate flooring to purchase for your room. It is best to start your project with a smaller room if you are attempting this endeavor for the first time.

Now we can purchase the tools we need to get the job done

✅Now begins the fun and exciting process of actually purchasing your supplies for the job! This will include the laminate flooring itself, the glue and any other application process supplies needed for the task. You can purchase these supplies at any home store or possibly a hardware store.  You will keep in mind when purchasing your supplies the size and measurements of your room to ensure that you properly purchase the correct quantity and don’t waste money by over purchasing!

Now it’s prepping time! Let’s prepare the floor to be beautifully laid

✅Next you will acclimate the flooring through prepping it for the laminate floor application. You will want to start with a fresh sweep and cleaning of the floor. You will want to make sure and uninstall and tear up any carpet that may be attached to the floor then do a thorough and complete cleaning of the cement floor underneath the carpet overlay. This process will prep you for the gluing and installing of your beautiful new laminate floor! Cleanliness and a clean cement palette will be key when installing your flooring to ensure the best quality application and installation of the laminate floor for a pristine finished product.

✅Tear up flooring next. You will want to completely tear up and uninstall any previous flooring to prep it for the cleaning and installation of the new floor. The old floor may be hardwood, a previous laminate floor, a plastic laminate floor, carpeting etc. But it is important to note that all types of flooring can be effectively uninstalled and torn from the floor with the proper technique and process. These processes can be found online at various websites. Carpet will most likely be the easiest type of floor to tear up and uninstall.

A Clean floor makes a solid base for the laminate flooring installation

✅Next you will want to do a thorough clean and make sure once again that the floor is completely swept and cleaned to ensure the best application of the final flooring product. You will want to start with a general sweep with a generic broom and it is also important to note that you may use a vacuum as well for an even deeper and more thorough cleaning of the floor to prep it for final application of the flooring product!

✅Next you will want to lay down the underlayment. Instruction for this process should come with the laminate flooring purchase. This process will prep your floor completely for the final gluing and installation of the laminate flooring! This step in the process is precise and calculated and instructions should be followed thoroughly.

We are winding up in our process and the floor is almost completely installed! It’s time to lay down the pieces

✅Next you will use your measured pieces of laminate and actually lay the laminate. Instructions for this critical step in the process will be given with the laminate floor purchase. You will use the precisely measured pieces to lay evenly the new laminate floor over your cleaned and prepped cement floor. Most floors of this type are glued to the floor (cement). This is the most common process of laying a laminate floor. You will begin to see the fruits of your labor in this exciting and near to final step in the process. You are well on your way to making your home possess a whole new and inviting look with your new flooring choice.

Voila! You have done it! Congratulations on installing your beautiful new floor!

✅Now your job is to actually see the finished product of your flooring installation endeavor and see the work pay off. Your floor should be beautiful and an entirely new look for your home. Enjoy! Imagine all of the new possibilities for décor for your home now that you have given your home a huge upgrade with beautiful laminate flooring!

✅Now you will not want to forget the last and critical step in the process and that is measuring and installing the baseboards of the floor. The baseboards are aligned along the sides of your beautiful laminate flooring and will be a critical accent and part of your DIY Installation process. Different types of looks and types of baseboards can be chosen from wooden to plastic with different colors and looks etc. have fun with this step and choose to accent your floor with a quality and applicable baseboard that will uplift your entire laminate floor! This step in the process will complete your DIY Laminate flooring installation endeavor! You can now see all of your hard work pay off.

✅This last and final step is an instruction to enjoy and imagine all of the décor possibilities and other functional possibilities that are possible with your new laminate flooring choice! You now have created a floor for yourself that is easy to clean and upkeep with the proper techniques and methods and you new laminate floor upkeep is soon to become second nature in your home care and maintenance routine. You may even find that this is one of the easiest flooring types to maintain and upkeep and also a financially viable option in the long and short run.

Now it’s time to imagine all of the décor possibilities as you choose colors and types of furniture that will accent your laminate flooring perfectly! Depending on the type of laminate floor that you have chosen you can accent with different and various types of furnishings in various colors and styles! With hardwood looks of flooring depending on the shade you can choose a more traditional look for furnishing or consider a more modern or fresh twist to spice things up with an extra kick! No matter what your choice of furnishing and décor you can be sure that you have chosen one of the best flooring styles to give your home the noticeable upgrade that it needs! Job well done!

After Installing the Laminate floor you need to purchase a best laminate floor cleaner to clean your floor regularly. You can read this following article : Expert’s tips for Cleaning and Shining your Laminate Floors.