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5 Amazingly Fresh tips to keep Laminate Floors looking fresh and clean

There are an array of solid methods to keep your laminate floors looking in tip top condition

In this section we will discuss some tried and tested, solid and proven methods that can keep your laminate floors looking shiny and clean at all times through all of the wear and tear of daily life! Believe it or not there are more conventional and not so conventional methods that will keep your beautiful laminate floors sparkling! In this section we will first look at a method not widely known but very effective at getting your laminate floors shiny and sparkling!

It’s all in the cleaner! Make your It’s choice wisely

This first cleaning method is a very natural and organic one that does get the job done without all of the harsh chemicals in conventional and more widely used cleaning products. This first cleaner we will discussed is a homemade creation that is sure to keep your laminate floors looking great and in great condition!

Here’s how to create the homemade cleaning product straight from the comforts of your home!

This is an old fashioned product that is made of vinegar and water! This has been an old fashioned and effective cleaning product throughout the ages and still holds up in today’s day and time! Take the vinegar you have in your kitchen and mix it with equal parts water and there you have it! A homemade cleaning product that fits any budget and gets the job done well! After creating the hot water and vinegar mixture you will pour the mixture straight into a spray bottle and begin to shine your laminate floors and get them completely free of grease, grime and dirt! Be sure to spray the entire floor surface directly with the spray bottle and follow up with a plush and effective micro-fiber mop to finish the job and get the floor as shiny and clean as possible! You will find that this home based method is an extremely effective way to get your laminate floors completely clean!

Here are some other proven cleaning methods for your pristine laminate flooring to keep them looking amazingly shiny and clean!

If you want to go with a traditional widely used product we have one here to refer that really gets the job done. Swiffer became the newest sensation of cleaning back in the 90’s and boy has the sensation taken off into various off-shoots of products from the traditional swiffer method. The Swiffer Wet Jet is probably the most popular and widely used Swiffer product by far! It is an easy system and also cleans your flooring surfaces to a rich, beautiful deep clean. The Swiffer Wet Jet is definitely suitable for all your laminate floor surfaces in your home and a great and effective option for you! In addition to the Swiffer Wet Jet’s popularity it is also an easy to use and extremely user friendly method of getting your floors sparkling. Simply purchase the Wet Jet Swiffer and cleaning pads. Attach the cleaning pads to the bottom of the Swiffer Mop and squirt the solution from the Swiffer Wet Jet directly onto the floor as you glide the Swiffer across your laminate floors and be prepared for a great and astounding result! Voila! Beautiful shining floor surfaces from an award winning and proven cleaning product. The Swiffer’s all-in-one aspect with everything you need for cleaning all in one convenient package to purchase makes the Swiffer an extremely attractive option for those who desire simplicity and ease in their cleaning methods. You can pick a best selling & top rated laminate floor cleaner from Amazon too.

Here’s another winning method to get your floors sparkling!

There are many and various diverse products to be used to clean your laminate flooring and it is entirely your choice and preference! Here we will examine another type of cleaner and method for getting your laminate floors sparkling! You can choose from one of the various products on the market made specifically for laminate floors. Here’s a great one! Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is a great choice and option for you and has been tried and tested and proven to be effective over the years since it’s origination. Some benefits of using this product is that it is widely accessible and can even be purchased on Amazon which makes it and accessible and easy to use product. It is considered and proven to be one of the highest rated laminate floor cleaning products on Amazon currently and will most likely continue to be so over the years due to the product’s popularity and effectiveness.  Another great and noteworthy aspect of this particular product is that it comes entirely pre-mixed so there is no prep of the mixture involved as opposed to other products. Another astounding feature of this product is that it requires absolutely no rinsing at all and that makes this method a simple, convenient and unique one! The process is completely simple and effective. You simply spray the product directly onto the floor and wipe away with a mop or cloth…Microfiber cloth or mop preferably. Purchas this product on Amazon today and you are sure to have made a great choice for your laminate floor cleaning task!

These last 2 methods will really blow your mind and take your cleaning routine to a whole new level!

Once you have successfully chosen your perfect cleaning product you can now utilize those products in your daily/weekly cleaning routines. A common question when it comes to keeping your laminate flooring looking like new is “ How often should I actually clean my laminate floors?” This is a great questions considering over cleaning has the potential to cause extra build up depending on the product used and that makes for an extra cleaning task to actually remove the buildup itself defeating the purpose of the initial cleaning. So with keeping this in mind it is important to schedule a regular cleaning routine for your floors that will be effective for the present and continue to be effective over time. When considering sweeping and doing a basic clean of your laminate floors this can definitely be done on a daily basis to keep your living space fresh, clean and sparkling.

Wet Mopping your laminate Floor will be a critical step in your ultimate Cleaning process for your lush laminate flooring

Damp Mopping is a great traditional and proven method for your laminate floor cleaning task. This is a process that is uniquely not performed daily or even weekly but can be performed monthly and can still in fact be very effective over this duration of time. You will want to be sure when damp mopping that you do not completely saturate the mop but rather completely wring out the mop until the mop itself is almost completely dry and this is the way that the cleaning procedure will be most effective starting with this critical step. There are also specialized Laminate floor mops that are specifically designed for your beautiful new laminate floor and you can be sure that these products will get the job done! These mops are usually made of micro-fiber or other highly absorbent materials that work best for laminate flooring. There you have it 5 Amazing tips for keeping your laminate floors in best condition!