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Top Cleaning Tricks That Everyone with Vinyl Flooring Needs to Know

Vinyl flooring is a great option for inexpensive flooring that is durable and easy to look after. This article then will give you great tips for how to keep your vinyl floor clean and to protect from dents, scuffs and scratches.

Sweep frequently

the important thing with any flooring is to keep it clean in order to keep it looking good, and vinyl is no different if the dirt is got up off of the floor before it is ground in it will keep your vinyl looking better for longer. Thus, the most effective way to do this is to sweep it over with a soft broom every evening or using a handheld upright vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum cleaner that can gently pick up the dirt as it goes along.

Learn the best low-impact cleaning techniques for your floor

heavy duty cleaners can look good but for the flooring that you have may not be the most effective way to clean it and so learning the mildest way to clean your vinyl floor will probably work better for you. For vinyl floors, the mildest way to clean is by vacuuming and sweeping the floor daily and using a mop with warm water to get the areas that the vacuum or broom could not reach, or use a robot vacuum cleaner that is unnoticeable and can reach the hard to get to areas.

Use the right cleanser for the floor

wash them with a cleaner that is specifically made for no-wax flooring. The best cleanser for vinyl flooring is warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid in it. Put enough of the mixture on a cloth or sponge to dampen it and rub it on the floor with just enough effort to loosen the dirt. It is essential that it is then rinsed with a small amount of cold water as not rinsing it will leave a residue on the floor.

Rinse well

it is best for the floor to not use soap but when soap is required for a clean it is best to use two mops, one for washing the floor and one with cold water in the bucket purely for rinsing, or a spray floor mop.

Don’t drench the vinyl

using too much water will cause a seeping of water through any cracks, edges or seams and which will over time destroy the glue that bonds the floor and will cause the edges to curl or the floor to come loose. Thus using a spray floor mop would be a better tool for cleaning the floor.

Avoid steam

using steam cleaners or steam mops can cause damage to your vinyl flooring as the heat of the steam can warp the flooring.

Tackle tough stains with a gentle approach

harsh cleaners, although they make your floor cleaner, can affect your floor in the long run so here are some tips on how to tackle the stains gently.

Baking Soda – add a few drops of water to baking soda to make a paste, apply the paste to a tough stain and rub it gently with a cloth. When finished wipe clean.

Nail Polish remover – should only be used to clear up nail polish spills, and should only be used to dab at the stain which will be enough to bring the stain up.

Isopropyl alcohol – this can be used to get ink out of the floor, by using a small amount of alcohol on a cloth should be enough.

Do not use wax

wax used to be used on vinyl flooring however evidence now suggests that wax can do more harm than good for vinyl flooring, trapping more dirt and grime than it clears up.

Rub away any scuffs

there are some items that can be used to help remove scuffs from vinyl flooring. These include:

Tennis balls – rubbing the tennis ball in a circular motion over the scuff can help reduce the appearance of the scuff.

Erasers – rubbing the erasers over the scuff can help bring up the scuff.

Oil – a spray oil such as wd-40 or essential oil such as jojoba oil on a soft washcloth being rubbed gently over the scuff can help bring the scuff up.

Furniture pads

using a felt or foam furniture pad can help prevent scuffs and scrapes before they even happen, leaving your floor looking cleaner and keeping its appearance for longer.

Prevent dirt from happening before it even happens

the best way to clean your vinyl floor is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first instance. This can happen in two ways:

Mats – doormats are a perfect way to clean the dirt off your shoes before you step it into your house and on your floors, thus keeping your floors cleaner for longer.

Take off your shoes – in the same way as above, taking the shoes off will help you keep the floor cleaner for longer.

As you can see from this article vinyl flooring is a great inexpensive option for flooring and with these cleaning tips you can keep it looking fresh and new for as long as possible.