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Best Floor Sweeper is the ideal housekeeping solution for people on the go!

Best Floor Sweeper With all of the options out in the market today for Floor Sweepers, making a decision on which is the best floor sweeper for your home can sometimes be more of a hassle then the actual cleaning. One thing that may be of importance to a buyer would be the ease of use- or the ability to get the job done as quickly as possible. Many of us have busy lives, daily cleaning is a must for our homes, but with everything else that needs to be done it can begin to be stressful. With the devices listed in this article, we highlight the ones that are the easiest and fastest to use- to help you with your day to day life and home cleaning.

Why Buy a Floor Sweeper?

A floor sweeper is a device that does the leg work when it comes to daily sweeping, instead of extending your reach or having to go over an area continuously- it can get the job done in one swoop. Some devices even have the ability to sweep, mop and polish your floors all at once in one device! Having a cleaner home leads to ease of mind; but not whenever it is an hour long ordeal just to get your device out, set it up, plug it in, be sure not to trip on any wires, and if they’re heavy- it’s even more of a headache, which is unfortunately what most traditional vacuums are like. These floor sweeping devices prioritize lightweightness, ease of use, battery powered and cordless, and have the ability to maneuver through even the tightest or most difficult places to reach in your home.

Things to Consider Before Buying

You need a versatile and practical cleaning tool that can do the work for you. In other words, you are looking for a best floor sweeper. It’s an ideal tool because it cleans things quickly and effectively. Adjusting to different flooring types, it has the flexibility to reach even the tiniest nooks and crannies. Think of it as a hybrid between a vacuum and a standard broomstick. It’s a must-have item for anyone who does in-home cleaning. It’s rapid speed, and superior performance can save the day. Spill something on the floor just before guests arrive? The best floor sweeper take care of the problem before anyone notices.

One way to get the most out of your sweeper is to use it between cleaning sessions. It’s mobile and self-powered, so a cordless model will easily move from room to room picking up dirt and rubbish. You won’t even lose time moving the plug from one socket to another like a vacuum cleaner. And since the floor sweeper will keep the floor clean in between more thorough scrub-downs, you’ll have less to do each time you pick up a broom or vacuum.

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Select From 10 Top-Rated Floor Sweepers That Fit Your Needs

Via market research, we’ve chosen options that conform to an ideal price to performance ratio. You’ll have a chance to view 10 products within the market that could be a perfect match for your needs. Consider the models listed below to see if they meet your criteria.

Fuller Brush

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The Fuller Brush truly is a work of art when it comes to floor sweepers, there are so many perks, a few include;

  • Silent and Electrostatic operating
  • All Natural Bristles (making it safe to use on any surface)
  • Soft Vinyl Bumper (so it’s less likely to scratch your furniture or baseboards)
  • Comes with Cleaning Comb to get anything stuck in the bristles
  • Tall but Light so easy reaching without heavy lifting
  • Hang up hole for easy storage (takes up little to no space)
  • All Metal so durable and will last a long time

No bags or electricity needed, this device is a good option for cleaning pet hair from your floors as the device uses electrostatic bristles to attract pet hairs, fine dust/dirt, and other allergens instantly and has the ability to efficiently pick up large debri which will be contained neatly into the dual-headed tank, that opens with the press of a button so you can get rid of the mess easily. Great for quick jobs without any noise or fuss.


Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper

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This product made of 100% recycled plastic requires no electricity or wasteful one-time-use cleaning solutions to operate. It has no electric components to draw costly power. For maximum value, this product is an ideal option! Additionally, this product carries a lifetime warranty so you know it will last you for years. The 9’’ cleaning path features dual rotating brush rolls that pick up large and small debris on forward and return passes. Moreover, it’s compact, lightweight, easy to use, and store. Its rolling sweepers dislodge and collect items that even power vacuums miss.


Bissell Cordless Sweeper

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A fantastic cordless floor sweeper; weighing only 2 pounds, doesn’t require disposable pads, can lie flat to reach underneath furniture, and has a swivel head for maximum movabiblity- this product is absolutely great in terms of cost and efficiency. Its 7-brush system is ideal for carpet or rugs, but won’t be functional for hardwood floors and tiles. Picks up lint, crumbs and dirt on a forward or reverse motion. Plus, there’s no messy dust pan to deal with. Everything is contained into the tank, that is easily opened and dumped so that you don’t have to worry about the mess getting on you after you finish cleaning.


Bissell Perfect Sweeper

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Bissell is a long time expert cleaning company; all of their products excell and their Bissell Perfect Sweeper is no exception to this. As a battery operated floor sweeper the benefits that come along with it are hard to pass. One feature is the rechargeable batteries; they power the rotating brushes and provide 60 minutes of continuous cordless cleaning time per charge. You’ll experience a more powerful cleaning than the other manual sweepers in the market can offer. It performs exceedingly well on multi-surface floors, including both carpets and hardwood. This model is perfect for anyone who needs mobility when cleaning, extended power during cleans, and battery durability.

Ontel Swivel Sweeper

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Another great option for a floor sweeper vacuum is the Ontel’s Swivel Sweeper Max. It’s designed to make cleaning super convenient and practical! It works for all types of floors surfaces, including tiles, wood, and rugs, although it performs best on hard surfaces and low pile carpets. The Swivel Sweeper Max’s corner brushes spin at 4000 rpm and does require batteries. If your needs exceed the scope of a mechanical sweeper, this product may be perfect for your needs. Because of the electric brushes, this product can power clean carpets, removing hair, lint, and other undesirable elements. It’s made of plastic and does not require expensive, messy bags to store debris. The touchless dirt tray makes post-sweep cleanup super easy. Plus, it can swivel 360 degrees, and its flat shape fits under tables, couches, and other hard to reach areas. It’s easy to store, light to use, and simple to clean.


Eyliden Carpet and Floor Sweeper

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There’s a lot of convenient aspects of this device, while maintaining a classic design for their product- this company prioritized easy cleaning. The device is only 2 pounds, meaning you can clean all your floors in a breeze. Speaking of which, the device isn’t only a capable hard floor sweeper it is capable of cleaning almost all surfaces; including carpets. It requires no batteries or electricity to use, so you’ll even be saving money with this device. It’s dual rotating microfiber bristles pick up dirt and debri easily, with a simple back and forth motion like magic you can watch the mess disappear. It’ll go into the tank that is larger than most, making it so you have to empty it less, and once it is full its easy to empty- a simple click of a button and your messes and worries are gone! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they even guarantee a return!


Shark Floor & Carpet Sweeper

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The design of the Shark V2930 is made for convenience and tight areas, it possesses a folding back saver handle, along with a long-reaching, low-profile design, which allows the user to access hard-to-clean areas with ease. Do you need to reach under your furniture? The Shark’s handle flattens out to extend into difficult to reach spots. Its motorized brush sweeps various sizes and types of debris, and it can thoroughly clean carpets and bare floors. It comes with a set of rechargeable batteries, enabling you to have extended cordless operation. This product is bag-free, saving the user both valuable time and energy. It’s also super easy to empty. It’s 10” cleaning path width allows you to cover a very wide swath of flooring every time you sweep. The bristle clumps are strategically located opposite to each other, ensuring maximum pickup. This brush roll system is powered by a motor that allows it to collect dirt and deposit it cleanly in the dust container. The dust bin is located behind the brush and can be emptied by pulling it out from the side. If you’re questioning what is the best way to sweep your hardwood floors efficiently and quickly, this device is a great option.



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The product is quiet and powerful, offering a 100-watt suction on MAX mode, and is capable of sucking up dust, pet hairs, and crumbs in minutes. It works on a surplus of surfaces; hardwood floors, carpets, curtains, walls, furniture, and even ceilings. This design is also cordless, while still providing you an impressive suction to give you a deep cleaning. Weighing 5 pounds, it’s easy to carry and maneuver around your home. You can also convert into a handheld vacuum! The device also comes with two snap-on tools that make the job even easier . This device gives you both quiet cleaning capabilities and the suction power required for the toughest jobs. The batteries will last from 25 to 45 minutes and it takes 4 hours to recharge its battery to full life.


Rubbermaid Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor Sweeper

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This device is one of the best for small spaces. It has a swivel handle that allows you to maneuver the lightweight stick in any direction, so that you can clean even the tightest corners and areas of your home. Another option that produces no sound and requires no electricity to operate, it also will save you a lot of money, time, and energy when using this device. It includes rubber bumpers as well so when you’re cleaning there’s no worries of damaging furniture or baseboards, and the steel construction of the base makes it so that it will last you a long time. Designed for use on low pile carpets and various kinds of smooth flooring, this agile low profile sweeper is a great choice for cleaning the carpeted areas around couches, bookshelves and in bedrooms. It can reach under furniture as little as three inches off the floor.


Casabella Floor Sweeper

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Another great option for individuals looking for a sweeper for hardwood floors; this product is a simple, silent, and cost efficient option. There’s a lot of great features to the product which are highlighted below for easier reading.

  • 11” inch head makes it so it picks up and cleans more at once than other options
  • Silent/Cordless/No electricity needed (saves money and energy)
  • Swivel head to make it easier to get the hard to reach areas
  • Uses electrostatic to attract even the finest dirt and debri
  • Can use on any surface flooring (thicker carpet may have a harder time)
  • Bi-directional brushes


What makes a regular vacuum and a floor sweeper different?

Traditional vacuums typically are much heavier, require electricity through a cord, can only work on carpeted areas, and can be a significant amount more than a floor sweeper. Floor sweepers prioritize convenience; typically being extremely lightweight, easy to use, battery powered or electrostatic acting, and silent. They’re great options for families so that cleaning can get done without the risk of disturbing others. It’s also a lot faster to get the job done, and it’s easier to get the job done because you no longer are having to push a heavier device.

Why should I get a floor sweeper as opposed to a traditional broom?

Aside the cost- a floor sweeper will provide you a much more efficient clean. Typically they will be using electrostatic capabilities, which can attract even the finest of particles to the bristles. As well as the fact that they will capture the dirt immediately and contain it into the tank, instead of pushing the dirt in different areas of your home while you clean.

What would be the best option for the quietest and easiest to use?

From the items listed, the product that prioritizes silence and ease of use the most, would either be the Casabella Floor Sweeper or the Eyliden Carpet and Floor Sweeper. There’s a few others that are capable of achieving what you are looking for, but these two devices will get the job done faster and easier. Because of their lightweightness, they’ll be easier to use, and because of the fact neither require batteries or cords, they will be completely silent as you use them. Both only require a back and forth motion to clean, and the tank will contain everything until you are done. Then you can easily and silently empty the full tank into the trash. The Casabella Floor Sweeper in particular has an 11” inch span so it picks up more at once getting the job done faster. These floor sweepers are really ideal for people who want the job done quietly and quickly!

What brand can I trust?

That is a very important aspect whenever deciding on which product to purchase. The Bissell brand are experts in cleaning technology, having made products for over 143 years! They also donate large amounts of money towards important matters, such as in 2018 when they donated over 1 million dollars towards the Pet Foundations life saving network. Eyliden also has a 100% money back guarantee, so even if you end up not loving their product you know you can get your money back. 

Can I use a cleaning solution with my floor sweeper?

No, it’s actually not recommended too. That’s actually one of the benefits of having a floor sweeper, there’s not longer the need to use any floor cleaners when using a floor sweeper! They use a dry method to pick up debri, but you are more than welcome to give your floors a nice mopping or polishing after completing the sweeping!


With the already stressful chore of cleaning your floors, why make it any more difficult with a bulky, heavy, loud vacuum? Save yourself money, time and effort with a floor sweeper! With many perks such as carelessness, lightness, maneuverability, and cost efficiency the products mentioned in this article are from long standing and trusted brands and can all be found on Amazon to make the process even easier for you. If you’ve managed to make it all the way here, then maybe this is truly a sign to get yourself a floor sweeper! Happy cleaning!