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The truth about steam cleaning you need to know right now

Steam cleaners have evolved a lot from the 1960s to what we currently know and buy. The biggest challenge that the steam cleaner industry face is that its purchase and usage are confined to a select few. As a consequence, most people don’t really know what they do or how to use them. Most people listen to what uninformed people comment about the products. This, however, is not right, and as a result, there are lots of negativity about the products. This article will tell you the general truth that you need to know about steam cleaners. We are concerned about you getting the right product and being informed. Read this article, and you will learn more about a steam cleaner.

How do they really work?

Steam cleaners clean surfaces by use of steam. From chemistry, you will learn that steam is still water, but that is in high temperatures. Delving deeper into chemistry, we know that stains stick on surfaces because of the adhesive characteristics that they have. To remove such stains, you need to loosen these adhesive qualities. Steam will help loosen these qualities, and thus, stains can be removed.

They help to remove toxic from surfaces.

What makes a steam cleaner a far more superior cleaner is the ability to remove toxic elements such as bacteria which reside on the stained surfaces? Let’s borrow a bit from the above chemistry concept. Steam has high temperatures, bacteria’s and other dangerous microorganisms such as fungus cannot thrive in an environment with high temperatures. Since a steam cleaner produces steam with high temperatures, it leaves no room for any bacterial growth. Other allergens can also be removed too. Thus it helps maintain your health.

They are eco-friendly.

If you want a cleaner that has no side effects, a steam cleaner should be the one you are buying. It does not use any chemical whatsoever to clean the surface. Water is the only substance that is added to produce steam, which is used in the cleaning process. Water is less harmful to the environment, and thus it’s safe to say that it is environmentally friendly.

What types of steam cleaners do exist?

Steam cleaners can be used for different purposes. Thus it’s very important to know the type of steam cleaners. There are four types, steam mop, handheld steam cleaners, cylinder steam cleaners, and vapor steam cleaners.

Steam mop

These are designed to function as the traditional mops. It’s suited for cleaning the floor. The product is very lightweight and easy to use. Models of these types are also good at disinfecting the surface. When compared to other types of steam cleaners in these categories, they are the cheapest.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Immediately, by hearing its name, you have a mental image of its size. It’s generally, lightweight and very portable. With its portability, you can use it to clean the places where the other cleaner could not access such as corners. Their price is somehow pocket-friendly. The only downfall of using these types of steam cleaners is that they cannot be used to clean large surfaces.

Cylinder steam cleaner

Sometimes known as canister steam cylinders, they are somehow large and bulky. Sometimes it might become hard to maintain and store. By the fact that it’s large, it means that you should expect a large water tank. What sells it to man buyers is its cleaning ability. It provides the best cleaning ability. In addition, they normally come with attachments that can be used to other surfaces.

Vapor steam cleaner

What makes it conspicuous from the rest on the list is its form of dry cleaning, known as dry cleaning. With this form of cleaning, the cleaner heats the water to a high level and ensure that no other thing comes into contact with the surface except the steam. Thus the drying period is greatly reduced to a shorter time. Otherwise, it has all the features that are equal to the cylinder steam cleaner. It has all the features that are equal to the cylinder steamers. In terms of price, this category is the most costly one can buy.

What surfaces is it not appropriate to use a steam cleaner?

There are surfaces that, if you use a steam cleaner, you will be doing more damage to the surface. Always avoid using a steam cleaner on the surface that you know very well that they cannot support high temperatures. An example is the nylon mesh window screens — other places are wall or surface which are freshly painted.  Wood is most cases, is affected by moisture. After dry cleaning ensure that the surface has dried up and there is no moisture, simply test if to know if there is moisture. Antiques can also be affected by the high temperatures that come with steam. In most cases, there will be corrosions on the finishes.

Where can you use a steam cleaner?

Well, there are so many places that a steam cleaner can be used. These can generally be listed as at home, bathroom, kitchen, outside the house, and furniture.


The steam cleaner has a lot of applications. The common one that most people know is the cleaning of vehicles. But did you know it has been applied in the film industry? I will give you a case example of how it has been applied. In movies, there are scenes where the villain certainly disappears into smoke. In such a case, know a steam cleaner causes the effect of smoke.


Whatever image you had about a steam cleaner, you now have the truth about it that will surely help you in your cleaning process. With it, you have one of the biggest cleaning arsenals that will revolutionise the look of your home, clothes, and kitchens. It’s an environmental cleaning device that is easier to use. Before purchasing one, it’s good to know the type of steam cleaner that you want as this will cater for all your cleaning needs.