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Important Things To Know Before You Choose Between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home needs and wants

When deciding upon which flooring to choose for your beautiful new home or for your new home remodel you can have many viable choices to choose from. Some of the most basic and affordable choices as opposed to hardwood and other surfaces can be two of the most popular flooring choices: Vinyl and Laminate. These two types of flooring may be similar in look but vary distinctly in the products that they are actually made of. The actual look and installation method and process are very similar and nearly identical but these two types of floorings vary greatly on what they are actually made of.

Laminate flooring is actually made of recycled hardwood. And laminate flooring is an extremely durable choice. An important note to look at when deciding upon a floor is the comfort and durability and laminate flooring lives up to the highest standards when it comes to both of these factors. When installing laminate flooring there is actually an underlayment under the actual floor that makes the floor significantly more comfortable to stand on and adds for increased durability over time. Laminate flooring is the premier choice and option if you are looking for affordability and durability. In high traffic areas of your home you must take into consideration the day to day wear and tear that the floor will take over time. And if you have high traffic in certain areas of your home you will want to take into consideration that you will need a highly durable floor to hold up in your home over time and be the most viable option for you. It is also important to note that compared to vinyl flooring laminate flooring is completely scratch resistant and can hold up to any wear and tear in the home in all your high traffic areas.

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The look and other pros of Laminate flooring compared to Vinyl Flooring

Laminate flooring has a realistic look and appeal as opposed to vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring has a hardwood look that appears natural and real as opposed to mere vinyl flooring which can appear plastic. Laminate flooring also has the ability to resist some water as opposed to vinyl flooring.  Laminate flooring is also easy to maintain and has minimal and simple upkeep procedures which can be an attractive feature of this type of flooring.

When examining your budget and cost availability for your flooring choice in your home laminate is by far the best option because it is indeed more cost effective than other flooring types and is definitely the best choice on a budget. Vinyl can prove to be a more expensive choice with not as easy of an upkeep or general maintenance.  Budget is certainly important when remodelling your home or building a new one you definitely want the most cost effective option that will prove the most quality option as well and hold up and maintain in the long run in your home.

Some pros of Vinyl Flooring as opposed to laminate

Although laminate flooring has many pros and many attractive features for your budget etc. Vinyl flooring can also prove itself to be a viable and attractive option for you for the flooring of your home. One of these pros would be that little be known, Vinyl flooring is far more water resistant than it’s laminate counterpart. Vinyl’s water resistance works from bottom to top which proves it to be more water resistant. This type of flooring is also able to handle large pools of water and resist it completely. This is an extremely important feature for flooring considering your family’s needs and activities in your home. If you have a large family and especially with kids a water resistant floor may be considered a necessity for you due to daily spills and accidents in the kitchen, living room etc. Vinyl has proven itself to hold up to all family activities and especially water accidents in the home. Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for your home’s bathroom areas because that is an area where there is obviously a lot of water present and the vinyl floor can be the perfect option for these areas. Although a little more pricey it can prove to be more cost effective in the long run due to decreased need for damage repair/ floor removal and new installation of flooring due to damage etc. Another important note is that with laminate floors there can be a hollow type of sound or a sound of emptiness which is definitely not present with a laminate floor and this is an important note to take into consideration.

Some more interesting notes on Vinyl Flooring worth considering

Vinyl flooring as well as laminate has many attractive features to be considered. The pro of having a Vinyl floor is that this type of flooring comes in many different looks and styles. Many of these looks of the vinyl flooring actually resemble natural materials such as wood and stone as well as many other different types of looks. This can be an awesome feature if you are looking for a natural looking flooring on a budget if you are not able to afford that actual real natural material desired.  Vinyl flooring is a completely man made product that comes in a wide array of styles and looks to choose from. Just take your pick and Voila! A brand new flooring look for your home without dishing out the bucks for the real natural material in your floors. It is also important to note that many Vinyl looks are actually mistaken for laminate flooring. This is very interesting.

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How’s the maintenance with Vinyl?

Maintenance with Vinyl ha the ability to be a breeze with simple upkeep if done effectively. Cleaning can be more minimal and a simpler process overall with Vinyl flooring as opposed to laminate and as we mentioned before Vinyl holds up better with water spills etc. and will cause far less if no damage at all to Vinyl floors. Many never would have thought that Vinyl had an extremely simple upkeep but over the years since it’s origination on the market Vinyl has proven to be a simple upkeep and cleaning process and can be very viable for your home in all areas of your home.

Vinyl has an easy DIY option for installation that can be similar and compared to laminate. If you are a homeowner taking care of tasks for your home on your own without a professional you can find that Vinyl flooring installation can be a simple process for you with vinyl planks for installation and a floating installation process which can be extremely easy to follow if you follow the instructions in a detailed and effective way. Vinyl is an extremely resilient flooring type that has simple to zero maintenance and can always be easily cleaned with cleaning solution and a simple standard mopping procedure.

When choosing between Vinyl and laminate you can look at many different factors. Just choose the factors that are most important to you whether that be budget, durability, maintenance or other deciding factors.