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Why Commercial Cleaners need to be insured?

Commercial cleaning companies who have proper insurance would usually charge higher rates than companies who have not been properly insured. This happens because insured companies have to pay really expensive premiums. These premiums are definitely money well-spent because every good cleaning company must have proper liability insurance so that in case there is damage done to a client’s property during cleaning, the cleaning company’s insurance can cover the repairs. Hiring a commercial cleaning company goes beyond just looking for companies that have the best floor sweeper or the best hardwood floor cleaning machines. It is important to work with companies who have proper. This ensures that the business owner is not liable for any cases of theft, or accidents that might occur in the place of business while cleaning is in progress. Reasons, why commercial cleaning companies must be insured, are highlighted below:

Protection from Financial Loss

It is really important that all commercial cleaning companies get some sort of liability insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits and claims by aggrieved individuals. Typically, liability insurance would cover judgements and settlements of cases. Companies who do not get this form of insurance have been known to go under, due to their inability to settle claims or take care of lawsuits.

Protect property

As a commercial cleaner, it is not enough to just purchase the best floor sweepers or the best hardwood floor cleaning machine, these machines are often very expensive and they must, therefore, be insured to get any real value out of them. Any cleaning equipment could get damaged during a cleaning job, in such cases, a commercial cleaner who has insurance for their equipment would not have to worry because the insurance company would take care of most, if not all the repair costs. However, without insurance, a commercial cleaner whose cleaning equipment gets damaged would be left to take care of all the costs.

Earns Clients’ Trust

Good commercial cleaning companies make sure that their insurance policies are up to date. In fact, clients would always request to see a cleaner’s insurance policy to make sure that they are insured. No client wants to be stuck bearing costs of repairs of damages. Being uninsured could lead to loss of customers. Therefore if you are a commercial cleaning company that intends to remain in business and thrive, it is important to get comprehensive insurance.


No one plans to have an accident. Accidents could literally occur at any second and this is why smart companies get comprehensive insurance. Damages to your company’s personnel or equipment do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. A lot of insurance options are available for commercial cleaners, ranging general liability to cover bodily injury and property damage to client customers, automobile coverage for any liability that could emanate from the use of your vehicles and for damage to company vehicles, employees’ compensation to cover your employees’ work-related injuries or illnesses. You could save thousands of dollars for your business, by just signing up for a decent insurance policy. Also, you can find best grade commercial cleaning machines here.