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The WOJET Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 22″ Is Tougher And Meaner!

A pressure washer is a unique grout cleaning machine that can be used around the house/commercial space for thorough cleaning. In the past you may have struggled with hard to reach places where the washer can now reach. A pressure washer is worth its weight in gold. If you have problems with back pain, the washer can take a huge amount of effort out of doing chores.

Surfaces The Cleaner Works On

The washer can also be used for outside areas like paths and driveways. The tedious task of struggling for hours to clean the patio is now a thing of the past. If you do not own a pressure washer then you would need to clean the patio with special liquid and scrub it with a stiff broom. This can take many hours and effort when the cost of a pressure washer would remove the effort of this chore.

Many people have weeds growing in between their patio and need to use strong chemicals to remove them. Not only does this cost money, it is bad for the environment. A pressure washer removes the need for chemicals and works so much easier.

A common use that the machine may be used for, is cleaning moss off driveways. If you try to do this manually it could take several years to clean thoroughly. Nobody wants to be continuously struggling removing weeds and then repeating the process, a few months later when they grow back. It can cause huge amounts of pressure on the lower back which a pressure washer removes. When using the washer, you are stood upright in the correct posture, rather than being bent over trying to dig up weeds.

Specific Tasks The Washer Will Perform?

A pressure washer is a type of cleaning machine that is designed to work on a specific task. This equipment is favoured by a lot of pressure washing companies that clean driveways and sidewalks. It is also possible to get a pressure washer to target industrial environments. There is great value in owning a pressure washer and it is a fantastic asset when needed.

Most people who have a pressure washer use it for cleaning drive ways or sidewalks. On the bottom of the pressure washer is a set of moving arms that spin at high speeds, depending on the amount of pressure going through it from the machinery itself. It is the rotating action that distributes the water evenly, so that paths will not be left with zebra stipes. The pressure from the machine helps to raise the pressure washer slightly above the ground, making it easier to move around the area without lifting heavy machinery.

The Pressure Washer Can Cover Both Industrial And Home Purposes

The steam clean pressure washer is often used in industrial areas, but they can be used around the home also. They work in the same way as an ordinary surface cleaner but, use large amounts of hot water to provide a deep clean. This is ideal on bathroom flooring or in food manufacturing where sterilization is crucial. It takes all of the hard work out of cleaning and allows you to focus your time on something more important.

The WOJET pressure washer surface cleaner 22″ is fantastic at clearing a range of different deposits from drive ways. It cleans stubborn stains from areas like asphalt and concrete. It disinfects areas such as; saunas, bathrooms and kitchens. The equipment needs three 1/4 ” nozzles that are included in the box upon delivery. The machine is easy to put together and can be used immediately.

Simple And Effortless To Use

The pressure washer is simple and effortless to use. Compared to other machines, it is a lot more affordable. It is easy to see the areas this machine has cleaned and it can be used with hot or cold water. It has a circular design that makes it float from the ground.

The cleaner can be used for many hours and is made from strong stainless steel. The other great advantage is that it is not cumbersome to carry around, making work a lot easier.

The WOJET pressure washer surface cleaner 22″ provides a lot of help when cleaning large areas. It is a lot easier and less effort compared with other cleaners. Usually the chore is time consuming and can cost a lot of money. Another benefit of the machine is that it does not make a lot of noise compared to other pressure washers. Therefore, there is less noise disturbance for neighbors so you don’t have to worry about using the machine. It is easy to pick up and move about due to the lightweight machine and delivers powerful cleaning. When doing chores or working in a professional capacity, it’s important to have a machine that can be moved about quickly and without the concern of causing strain on the back or other body joints.

The WOJET pressure washer leaves spaces looking clean and shiny. It is quite impressive how clean areas look after using this washer.

When using the pressure washer in commercial or industrial places, these machines face some tough challenges, but this washer does not dissapoint. It works effectively and consistently every time. The strong, robust construction of this machine helps protect it from damage and wear. Ensuring the machine does not break down means that your investment in the initial purchase is safe.


Choosing the WOJET pressure washer surface cleaner 22″ is a good decision as it performs every time. It is easy to work with and is safe too. The cleaner is reliable and covers different kinds of surface. The chore of patio cleaning is made much easier. No more scrubbing is needed to remove tough stains and moss. The machine is extremely powerful and the strength will need to be adjusted depending on the surface being cleaned. Always take care when using the washer, damage can easily happen if you are careless. The machine is also great at clearing blocked drains. In the past, blocked drains were difficult to clear, but now they are simple. You can even clean the entire exterior of your house within days, which may have taken months longer using other methods.

In the long run, your power washer will save you money and reduce the time spent cleaning. It is also convenient how it covers a range of different surfaces like; wall sidings, pathways, patios and more. Children should be taught that the pressure washer is not a toy as it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. In comparison to the garden hose, the washer is 20 to 50 times more powerful. It also has wonderful reviews testifying how good it is. You cannot go wrong with the WOJET pressure washer surface cleaner 22″.